"Don't Let Us Die"

And now all I'm left with

Inside this damned hole

Is this sickness, this guilt

That keeps eating at my soul.

I try to apologize,

But you throw it away.

I dream of forgiveness,

Of a never-coming day.

Of a day when someday

We'll forget this awful past,

And we'll put away our selfishness-

I pray we can last

Till' the time may finally come,

When our hearts have the way

That we can go freely,

And forget this damned day.

In Sickness and Sorrow,

In Pain and regret..

I'll never relinquish

The day that we met.

But what once was a prayer

Has turned to a cry

For the salvation of our love,

Please don't let us die..

I'll always wrap all my idiocies,

In silver and gold

Try to push far away, these

Atrocities I've told

But the truth of the matter

Is I never can repent

And I'm thinking this love

Will end me up hellbent.

And I'm feeling this pain

And this anguish,this heart

I'm afraid that our love

Was always doomed from the start

But I'll fight for the one thing

That stands for me real

The sole benificiary

Of my will just to feel..

In this Sickness and Sorrow,

Heart of pain, and regret..

I fear that you now curse

The day that we met..

What I once thought was Laughter

Has morphed into cries.

For the grace of the one that I love, now..

We just can't let this die..

For the Salvation of Our love,

Please don't let us die..