'Serenity' her mind cries and echoes off the walls,

With nowhere to go, she walks the empty halls.

Tunnels leading nowhere, too hard to grasp a breath,

She's too preoccupied to say 'hello' to death.

She wants to find serenity; this is her goal,

Maybe this will fill her empty heart and make her whole.

Her eyes are filled with oceans, too frightened to leak,

Her mouth bolted tightly, so as she wouldn't speak.

The way she walks—it's as if someone is holding,

So as to keep her from her destination; there is no scolding.

She lets the person hold her back; she doesn't really care,

Even though everything around her is roaring, "Let go, it's not fair!"

Why does she go on to seek peace like this?

Is it because her heart is too empty to form a fist?

So with these unnecessary obstacles, she gradually moves on,

Seeking that serenity…it is already gone.