Today, my heart shattered into a million pieces.

Pieces, like a mirror, reflecting exactly what stands before it.

Pieces, which you sharpened,

And then stabbed me in the back with, slowly;

Twisting them around until my body was covered in blood.

And then, you took those small fragments of my heart,

And threw them in my face,

A thousand needles;

A thousand lies.

I am forever scarred by your actions.

Today my last hope died,

Along with my deepest disire.

Curshed, torn, and twisted, into your elaborate lie.

Am I so broken, that I never want to see you again?

No, I cannot deny this sweet torture; this innocent bliss.

You have destroyed all I had.

Crushed my will to live.

And yet, I still love you.

And so you shall never know the meaning behind these words.

For I hope you never have to feel this pain.

So live on, while I silently die.

This sweet bliss cannot sustain me forever.

And I will die; body and soul.

But you will not know.

You will not notice.

Today was the worst day ever.