Ok, so I do have a heart. It just took me a while to find it . Still kind of a crappy ending, but it's much better than the last, right? :) Thanks all, lots. I'll try to put up my other story soon, right? Yes, ok, here you go:


After that, I wouldn't let Drake out of my sight; I even let him watch me change back into regular clothes. I mean, he would have had to be there anyway, simply because I was so weak that I could barely stand, but that's irrelevant. We walked out of the building hand-in-hand, smiles on both of our faces. We could finally be together again. But then a gun shot sounded. A regular gun. Shot from a regular human (oh, the irony). Drake tried to block it, but someone pulled him off of me. It punctured my heart, cutting through, and that was the end.

Actually, I lie. That was not the end.

Wait, no, I lied again. That was the end. But only the end of the beginning. Cheesy, yes, but true all the same.

Besides, like demon technology wouldn't be able to keep me alive?
Drake still freaked out though. I think he aged a few years during the five hours that I was out. I stayed in the hospital while my sickness passed, with Drake at my side every moment.

The wedding was glorious, even with the black dress I wore. And after the wedding… well, that was wonderful, to, if you get what I mean.

Drake is amazing. So incredibly amazing. We still fight, we both still lose control, but we also both like each other. A lot.

Oh, sorry. I lied, yet again.

We never married, this life never happened. The demons had a rebellion and I was ripped away from Drake again.

Ahaha, just kidding. What I was really lying about was the liking part. You see, I'm pretty sure we don't like each other. I'm pretty sure we love each other.


Fuck that, it's love and that's what it is, no arguments, here are your complementary peanuts, have a nice flight.

No kids until he's king, though, but I don't mind. We're good just fooling around for now. And, no, not just sexually. But some of that does happen, to. It's just natural, what do you expect?

Anyway, enough with my incompetent ramblings. Let's just call it a happily ever after and end this story like the civilized people we are. The end. Have a nice day.