The Sexualization of Children-Children Having Sex

01:52 AM, 28 April 2006 by Macro90

I am not a big listener of talk-back radio, but today at work I didn't have control over the radio and heard some talk-back radio on Triple M. The host was having a free-for-all, so people could ring up and talk about anything. One woman rung up and told the host that she had worked in a childcare where she witnessed a 12-year-old molesting a 7-year-old girl. She spoke about it to the childcare workers and they all told her to keep quiet about it because "the girl seems quite happy about it." Then a few moments later another woman called up and said that her 4-year-old son had received oral sex from a 9-year-old boy. The 9-year-old boy told the 4-year-old boy afterwards that if the little boy told anyone about it that he would get his head eaten by a monster. The little boy asked his mom whether this was true and actually told his mother who rung talk-back radio. Then another woman came on and this woman said that when she was 4 years old she was sexually abused by her 12-year-old brother whom she says she now hates but she cannot confront him now because she is too scared. Becuase of this anger and lack of ability to express it, she is feeling really bad and is constantly on antidepressants.

Another man called up and said that the first woman should be congratulated for bringing up the issue and reporting the incident so that the boy responsible was given treatment before he grew up and became a sex fiend. The guy then said, "Where does a 9-year-old get the idea from?" The talk-back radio guy said that it was because the kid was abused when he was younger and thought it was normal and then did it to others so the cycle keeps on going. People who abuse were often abused themselves. This talk-back guy was actually wrong. Most child molestors say that they were abused when they were young, but lie detectors show that most of them lie when they say this. It makes sense because if you are caught you will want your captors to take pity on you, so saying that you were abused might make them more lenient on you. By focusing on this pretty idea, you miss out on what I think is the real reason why children are being sexualized and this is technology, information technology to be more precise. Sex is everyone not only on the Internet but also on TV.

I have pretty much given up on the idea of having children. I do not want children of my own and one of the reasons why is because I would be responsible for taking care of them and taking care of children is not easy since we live in a very fast and vast world. If you are a working family that values career and income then you must put your children in childcare. You have no choice in that matter because if you are a high-value person, the opportunity cost of raising a child is higher than the cost of childcare, so it is better for you to put your child in childcare. But in childcare the child is filled with all sorts of other children. Childcare centres will want to fit as many children as possible under one roof so save money. The higher the ratio of children to childcare worker, the higher the profits since each child brings in revenue while each childcare worker costs wages. So maximize the ratio of revenue to costs is the same as maximizing profits. A profit-maximizing childcare is then likely to have more children for each childcare worker, meaning that there is a good chance your child will be looked after or at least market forces will tend towards the child being neglected. Couple with that the fact that as the child is exposed to more and more other children, the probability that she or he will be exposed towards another child who is sexually knowledgable increases. The likeihood of this is now even greater with sexuality bombarding children both from the TV where it is often implied but toned down to the Internet where it is explicit and unrestrained. Sexuality reaching children easily may be due to commercialization as well since the media is in the business of attracting attention. Since most adults' attentions can be captured with sex means businesses use sex often.