A mirror, as clear as twilight.
Look into it's depths, you begged:
See me as I actually am.
A call to arms, rifles loaded with clichés
I'm not that naïve.

Turn up the radio and drown the doubt
With a deluge of memories
Running warm across my back
Damp fingers drawing me close
It's too much like a dream and I fall
Out of sleep.

Watch the static as you leave
You're out of my head.
(You knew my lies better than I did)
It was all for the sex.
(You knew every trick I tried)
You knew every trick I tried.

When I try to hurt you, I look back.
Remember every time you ripped my heart open?
(Remember every time Irepaid the favour?)
We're at a deadlock it seems; some bitter stalemate.
She meant about as much as he did at that point.
Don't make me tell you again that you were always

You define the one word I can't live.