God is a gangsta.

He will beat the crap out of you if you screw with him. Why is there injustice in the world? Because God felt like reminding you that no matta who you are, no matta where you at, he can get to you. Even if you think you're one of God's homies, he'll still fsck ya up just to prove he can.

God is a pimp.

He fucked the world for a millennia and every time foos got their asses ganked. He fucked Soddom and he really fucked up Gommorah. He flooded the whole frickin world just because he felt like going old schoo' on humanity's bitch ass. Then, in the year 0, he fucked Mary so easy she didn't even feel that shit. He can fuck you however much, or however little, as he wants.

Liberty is a whore.

It gets around, and maybe you really like it for a while, but too much of it can be a little bit unhealthy. You look at it as you're walkin' down the street, but you can't touch it out where other people are watching you. No, only in a back alley, or in some locked room, can you really have your way with it. Only anonymously. Oh, and it costs money. Sometimes, lots of money.

If Freedom isn't Free, it's not Freedom, dipshit. Then it's just killin' people, that's all.

The revolutionary war was fought so that America would not become exactly what it is today.

People think you're edgy if you use the word bitch every other line.

Isn't that right, bitch?



The One and Only,

Mr. Flames