Desperate hearts, forced into submission.

What their eyes see is only the wealth of love.

Let loose the lacings of a corset, fastened safe upon their strength.

Let their hearts shine through in dreams...

My feet hit the soft, mossy floor running. The reason for my running escapes me at the moment, leaving only the notion that I should be trying to get away from something. A dress of white and silver, a wedding gown only thinner, envelopes my body, gaunt fabric waving like a banner in my wake. I recognize the feeling of dark ringlets bouncing against my nearly bare shoulders, and I know that I must appear fully made-up for some sort of glamorous event. Too bad I can't remember what.

Only then do I really start taking in my surroundings. My run slows to a walk, as I am dazzled by the splendor of the crystal forrest that surrounds me. There are no shadows here, shadows that would originate from the light of a red sun, a red sun that sits fiercly up on a blanket of clear white sky. There are no obtrusions to create barriers to light. Only darker patchs of earth, where the reflection through two trees overlap eachother. Lusterous rainbows are scattered everwhere upon the green, mossy ground, happening only when the sun's beams hits the crystals just right. Everything seems so unnatural, yet so common at the same time. It leaves me shivering with the sense that there is no hiding in this forest.

The smell of water draws me closer to what appears to be a playful stream. Little eddies turn the sparkling water, which suprising makes no sound, but is calming none the less. I reach out my hand to stroke the carpet of liquid, but to no avail. My hand grows closer, and there is a sick crackling sound. Ice forms where the river used to be, a dirty white until it seems to clear, with the same effect of the wiping away of a fogging breath against a windowsill. My eyes overflow, for that reason I do not know, when I spot a tiny red heart that looks as if it's embedded into the glassy river.

Weight plagues my neck suddenly, and as I gaze at my reflection in the now solid stream, I see that a necklace thick with rubies is the cause. The gems are the size of pockets watches, only rectangular. Upon first seeing the crimson gleam below my chin I was given a start, practically convinced that my neck had been slit into a bloody cut, and this was the last sight I would see. The gems seem to hear my fears. Without warning, the pendants seem to grow closer and closer together, and I start to choke. There I kneel, wheezing and gasping over a silent stream.

Not until I feel those thin, cold fingers penetrate my curtain of ringlets and caress the back of my neck do I start to breath again. Strangely enough, there is no reflection revealing my saviors identity in the frozen water. Terror seizes my heart as I turn, gazing into red, yet familiar eyes. There is a hand under my chin, forcing me to look straight ahead...

On a cold, old English night does a woman sit straight upright in bed, salty sweat caked thick upon her soft, youthful skin. She gazes at her new husband's sleeping back, which is turned to her, wishing she would never have to see his steadying eyes again. Wishing that by some miracle he would die in his sleep. Wishing that she was free of this ever consuming curse of...

A/N: This is about the marriages that ensued long ago, that were driven by status and wealth. The first little part is sort of a prochecy, but you may call it what you wish. If you can't understand my symbolism, then forgive me, but I do hope it's enjoyable. Review, please!