Come here sister dear

and answer me truthfully.

Have we ever lied to you?

No. Of cousre not?

Good, let's keep it that way.

So we may live for many more days.

Enjoying the wind whipping in our face.

The smell of grass when the

morning comes to give us praise.

So we may learn more about

others and ourselves.

We love you, aodre you, care about you

Each hug filled with affection,

each smile filled with love.

But most importantly,

we will always be there.

Deep within your heart,

it matters not what plagues you.

For we shall never leave you.

We give you our praise,

our hope and our hearts.

We want to give you everything

that you have not.

If you had to forget all,

but one little thing,

make it this.

We will always be with you.

Deep in your soul,

our voices will echo

and our stories be told.

Why? We love you, that's why.