Living With You


I've been very patient with you

Even though I've been angry


And feeling kind of blue

You come in here




While I'm trying to sleep

So I can wake up and go to class

I want to earn my degree and not sit around on my ass

Obviously talking to you about it isn't working

Because you're still doing the same thangs

Your ways haven't changed

But what if I changed

You know?

What if I wild out

Bitch out

Just plain curse you out?

Wouldn't that be rude?



Don't you diddle-diddle with me

Like you diddle-diddle yourself

Last night when you thought I was asleep.

Bet you didn't know I knew about that

Bet you didn't know I knew about you using my computer without my permission

And in addition

Simply put

Living with you is hell

I ain't gonna worry about it

Because I will excel

So while you are out


Not thinking

Being a fool

While in school

Sleeping with people

You know nothing about

Not going to class

You'll fail out

They'll throw you out

What will you do?

You're life will be askew

Oh, don't cry boo-boo


Enjoy home life

While I'll do

My next piece


"Living Without You."