Chapter 6

Tom started laughing, and I yanked open the door. Then leaned ageist the doorway, sliding my hands down my body like a porn star. Even Watson was laughing.

The shower water felt like it was washing all my stress away.

I started to fully think through the people in my life as the water eased my nerves. From lest to greatest.

Watson. He was gruff, and did him best not to show emotion. Never the less, I was sure he would step in if someone was picking on me. Like an older brother that went away to collage or something when I was little, but still cared.

Richey. He was gruff at first, but always gave me a smile. I knew he got serious when needed, and was a true optimist. He seemed a little sexual judging by the amount of people he'd skewed, but was lovable.

Tom. He was… caring. He seemed to think the best of me, and I thought well of him. I needed to get to know him better. Until then there was nothing more subject. Right?

I heard the bathroom door open and I froze. What were they going to do to me? Were they lying about not raping me?

I heard a laugh from Richey and the door shut.

I stepped out of shower and grimaced. They had stolen my clothes.

I grabbed a towel, raped it around myself and and walked out. Gasps met my appearance.

None of them had thought I would come out in only a towel, and I stuck out my chin. There jaws dropped imposebly low and there eyes were hanging from there sockets.

I flipped my soaking hair toy add to the scene.

"Were are my clothes Richey?" I asked pointedly.

No answer.

"Richey?" I asked again.

"Well, seeing as we don't want to look weird in Paris, you know, out of the ordinary, I got you some real clothes." Tom said at last.

"What do you mean?" I questioned, wrinkling my nose.

"One moment." With that Tom disappeared into a door I hadn't noticed before.

I stood there, trying to keep my composure, but shivering slightly in the towel…

"Here." Tom said reappearing.

He was holding up a beautiful turquoise dress. It had a low cut V neck line and would go down to my knees. It had cute little cap sleeves, and most have cost heaps.

"Thank you…" I trailed off, in aw. I had never owned something so pretty.

"There's jewelry too, come on I'll show them to you." Tom said.

I followed him thought the door he had disappeared into earlier.

Behind the door was a bedroom, all in white, much like the living room.

In the bedroom there were for beds, a wardrobe, and bed side tables. There was yet another door in the room to.

"Okay, come here." Tom said, standing next the wardrobe. I walked over to him.

"First, I want to say how thankful I am that you were there for me this morning. I know I haven't been the nicest, and my breakdown was a little unexpected, but you were there. Thanks."

Tom stared at me for a second, then turned back to the wardrobe.

"I contacted the CIA. The file was helpful, but they decided they would need more information before trying to bring AVOR down. I told them you were in on this, and your kind supervised spy. As we travel around the world we'll get info on AVOr and other groups. I know you may not like it, but it would be nice if…"

"Tom, I'll do it." I cut in.

"Great. Our first case is tonight. CIA thinks a man named Scott Haris has info on AVOR. Tonight we take him files. There in the back room of The Hook. That's a club. Everything else is written on the paper." Tom explained, handing me a paper.

"Okay, next." I urged.

"These earrings," Tom held up a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings, "are going to let you hear us, like a mini walkie-talkie. The ring is your way to talk back. Press the diamond, and talk into it. In the necklace is a camera, just hit the stone on the top. In the heel of your shoe is a master key to The Hook."

"Okay." That's all I could think of to say.

"Come out here Hottie!" yelled Richey.

I could here the Sugababes "Round Round" coming from the living room.

I blushed and looked at Tom.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I giggled. As I walked out of the bedroom I shook my butt.

Tom started laughing, and I yanked open the door. Then leaned ageist the doorway, sliding my hands down my body like a porn star. Even Watson was laughing.

"You called?" I asked my voice dripping with heavy lidded drama.

"Oh baby, your hot." Richey cooed. Then he walked over to me and rapped his arms around my waist, a stupid smile on his face.

I burst out laughing, pulling back.

"Come on, let's dance." Richey chuckled.


And we danced out into the middle of the living room where Richey had clear an open space.

Th song ended and I just stood there grinning.

"Ah, now it's my turn." Tom laughed, walking over to me.

The song switched to the Sugababes's "Run for Cover".

When the song was done, Richey came over. We danced to the Sugababes's "Over Load".

Tom the took me and I shook my butt with him to the Sugababes's "Hole in the Head".

"Okay, way to much Sugababes, change of CD." I ordered.

Watson did as I comaneded and Richey and I danced to Rihanna's "Pon De Reply".

"I want a sertan song." Tom explained when Richey and I were done.

Watson, seeing the CD, dimmed the lights and dragged Richey out of the living room and into the bedroom.

Before I knew what was going on Lifehouse's "You and Me" was playing.

I stiffed. This was a little deep for me.

Tom walked over to me, and we started slow dancing.

I inhaled his sent and smiled.

"Hi." Tom murmerd.

"Hi." I whispered back.

The rest of the dance was silent, except, or corse, for the music.

It seemed like this was the start of to things.

My new job as a spy

2. A funny romance