Davis took his preferred weapon-a sword to a shotgun. He felt that his shotgun was too unreliable in vampire hunts because of their low capacity and long reloading time.

"It is time," he whispered, watching the sun set slowly. "Tonight I must wipe out at least sixty percent of the vampires in this town."

He had just learnt in the previous night where most of the vampires sleep in the day. However, it was not his style to kill sleeping vampires. It was a matter of principles, you, the reader, must understand.

Putting the sword in his scabbard, he checked the traps he set in his arms and feet. If he somehow lost his sword, he would still be armed.

He felt for his lighter in is pocket. Good. It was still there. He looked at the fast-food restaurant. It was actually quite new; one of the last places he would look for a vampire bedroom.

He opened the door and stepped inside. The restaurant was empty; the place closed at five. Round tables and wooden chairs were arranged in straight rows and the corner rectangle tables with the more comfortable seats were covered by shadows. Indeed, the place looked creepy, as though it were haunted by a ghost, not a vampire. Under the dim light of the streetlamps outside streaming into the glass walls, he thought everything looked grey. He looked for the trapdoor that led to the basement. He found it under a round table, half hidden by a carpet.

After kicking the trapdoor open, he took a glance inside the basement. It was extremely dark inside, so he shone a flashlight. Although he was mentally prepared, the sight of at least fifty neatly arranged coffins shocked him.

Creak! A coffin was slowly being opened. Following it, many others also began to open. The first vampire slowly stood up, then saw Davies gaping at him like an idiot.

"Hi!" Davis said stupidly. "How are you doing?"

"A human discovered us!" that vampire shouted quickly. His voice echoed throughout the entire basement as many other vampires also rose. "Kill him before-"

He did not manage to finish his sentence. A lot of vampires were already lunging at Davis, their eyes shone with bloodlust and their fangs dripping with saliva.

As quick as lightning, Davies unsheathed his sword and decapitated three vampires with one swing. Then he jumped backwards and sprinted out of the confined space in the restaurant.

"He's no ordinary human," one of the vampires roared in realization. "He's a slayer! Kill him!"

Davies braced himself as he slammed into the glass walls of the restaurant. He smashed through and got himself out.

"I'm not just any ordinary slayer," Davies told the vampires grimly. "My name's Davis. Assuming you know my reputation in the North?"

"The slayer who killed Augeroth?" one of the vampires gasped. However, he recovered quickly. "So what if you killed that old bat? You can't fight all sixty of us."

"Oh, I'm sure I can," Davis said confidently. "I can kill a hundred of you if I really have the drive to do so."

"Such arrogance, you little imp!"

All of them started attacking him. Davis swung his sharp blade swiftly, taking a few more heads. A vampire caught his sword, but he twisted it, slicing off the arm of the vampire. He kicked forward, and a sharp wooden stake was flicked out from his shoe. It was connected to his shoe so it would not drop off.

He kicked a vampire, and forced his leg into the vampire's chest, killing him.

A sharp wooden blade sprung out from his arm just behind his wrist. It was metal-reinforced, and very sharp. Both his arms were now armed with wooden blades, not including his sword.

The wooden blades sank into hearts of vampires and his sword swung violently. No vampire could get within two feet of him, with his blades flashing.

However, a vampire got close enough and was about to take a bite out of his neck, Davis stabbed him with his wooden stakes.

Swinging his sword expertly, he reached for another item in his belt with the other hand. It was a flask of holy water.

Flicking the cap open with his thumb, he tossed the contents horizontally, causing widespread agony. Seizing the chance, he lopped of many more heads.

"You are too fast to be human," one of the remaining vampires commented as he surveyed the carnage before them. "No wonder you could kill Augeroth. What are you?"

"I am human," Davis replied placidly. "Not only had I honed my skills in Vampire slaying since I was five, I was also genetically modified. My speed had been greatly enhanced."

The vampire staggered back as if he were slapped across in the face. "Genetically modified?" he choked out.

A female vampire suddenly knocked Davis from behind and was about to bite his neck when three long sharp blades slid out of the back of his glove and he brought them up, piercing the vampire's chin. With a sharp twist, he pulled his blades out and tossed the body of that vampire to another two who were about to attack him. Then, he sliced all three heads at once.

He spun around quickly, just in time to take another head. He had killed about fifty of them already, and he was panting already.

Pouring a few drops of holy water on his sword, he muttered a prayer to God and started attacking with new vigour. Finally, only the vampire who didn't attack him was left.

"I'm sorry," Davis apologised. "Nice talking to you, but you will have to die."

"I understand," the vampire said soberly. "However, I'm not easy to be killed. Go ahead. Let's see if you can take my head."

Davis hurtled forward, his sword reaching for the vampire's throat, but instead, he felt a strong hand crush his wrist and he dropped the sword.

The vampire pulled him closer to bite his neck, but Davis swung his other arm, attacking with both metal and wooden blades.

The vampire released him and jumped back, laughing. "Not bad." He commented.

"Another ancient vampire?" Davis groaned. "I should have known. You are definitely smarter than those rookies."

"You are the best vampire slayer I have ever come across," the vampire complimented him. "But its such a pity you took the lives of all my minions! Anyway, it won't matter once I have made you my minion. You are better than all of those fools combined, anyway."

"I would rather die than become a vampire," Davis said firmly. "If you were to bite me, I will stab myself. I will never turn into a vampire."

"That's what all the slayers say, but they get the cold feet at the last minute," the vampire yawned. "In what way are you different from them?"

"I can kill you which they failed to do so," Davis replied. "What is your name, that I can brag of killing you?"

"I am Sengir. But it is quite the other way around." The vampire answered calmly. He extended his claws and smiled. "Can your metal claws beat my vampire claws?

"I'm not here to guess," Davis retorted. "I'm here to make it happen!" Saying so, he rushed forward.

Both claws met with equal strength and ferocity. They fought and clawed at each other, but none of their strikes seemed to hit.

"You are good," Sengir complimented him. "You are the first slayer I have met to be able to block away fifty of my strikes."

"Not only that," Davis growled as he suddenly kicked out with his right foot. "You shall die by my hand."

The blade on his foot sliced the ancient vampire's knee. Sengir staggered back just as Davis slashed viciously at his face. Sengir managed to avoid that attack, but Davis kicked him in the midriff and dived towards his sword.

Sengir bared his teeth and lunged at Davis, which was a very ill advised move on his part. Davis swung his sword to decapitate the ancient vampire, but Sengir jerked his head back. The tip of the sword missed him by a quarter of an inch.

"Looks like I have to fight you seriously," Sengir said grimly. "You will soon see that I am much more powerful than Augeroth."

Sengir floated in the air and started to fly backwards. Davis, holding the sword on level with his face, charged at Sengir.

"I don't see any difference in the outcome," he replied as he continued running forward.

"Fool," Sengir sneered as his evil aura suddenly increased. He calmly plucked the sword out of Davis's hand. The sharp edge did not even pierce his hand.

Like a toothpick, he broke the sword into two and tossed the pieces behind him. Davis stepped back, his face a living mask.

Sengir held out his right hand slowly, and opened it. As he did so, a dark energy ball started to gather in his hand.

"Magic?" Davis groaned as he continued to step back. "Oh man, this is going to be much worse than I thought."

Sengir grinned horribly, flashing his rows of sharp fangs. He casually flicked the energy ball at Davis.

Davis flung himself out of the way as the energy ball exploded on the ground where he was standing. The ground was scorched where it was hit.

"That's the best you can do?" Davis taunted. "Looks like you are not as powerful as Augeroth."

Sengir's face darkened. "Fool. That wasn't even a fraction of my power."

"I will believe it when I see it," Davis pretended to yawn. "Or were you just bragging how good you were?"

"Don't taunt me until you have won, slayer," Sengir replied slowly. "You are rather disadvantaged in this battle."

"I am?" Davis raised his arms and pretended to inspect his blades. "I still appear quite armed."

"Only human Sorcerers can kill me, for I am a member of the Ancient Vampire Council. AVC for short. We have powers you ordinary slayers cannot dream of having."

"Sorcerers aren't the only ones who know how to harm Supreme Vampires," Davis replied.

"True," Sengir agreed. "But they are the most adept at it. You, for example, are woefully overmatched."

"Surrender peacefully, or I will force you to test that theory."

"I refuse. I would prefer you to surrender and become one of my minions."

"Yeah, but things don't normally go as well as they were planned, do they?"

"For me they most certainly do," Sengir retorted. "I always get what I want and everyone – or everything for that matter, were eradicated."

"There's a first time for everything!" Davis said cheerfully. "I will kill you before the sun rises."

"You sound very arrogant and full of yourself," Sengir growled. "Pride comes before a fall."

"Ha!" Davis laughed. "I behave this way only to a pathetic monster like you!"

"What right do you have to brand me pathetic?" Sengir demanded. "I appear to have the upper hand here."

"Not really; you don't," Davis replied as he removed the blades from his hands and shoes. "To prove it to you, I shall discard my weapons. Then we are evenly matched in this fight."

Sengir burst out laughing. "My boy, did you really think that you can defeat me with your bare hands?"

"That's right," Davis replied and shot a quick glance around. There was no one around who could see what was going on.

"You are a fool," Sengir sneered. "Did you… What the hell?"

There was a very powerful aura emanating from Davis. It was so strong that Sengir started to shiver with fear.

"What… are you?" Sengir gasped as Davis closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them, his eyes were glowing white. He lifted a hand and pointed a finger at Sengir. An energy bolt jumped from his finger towards Sengir and hit him on the chest.

Sengir was thrown back by the force of the energy bolt, which sizzled the moment it touched his chest. Sengir stood up slowly, and his teeth seemed to grow longer.

"No more playing around," Sengir snarled. "I'll finish you off here!"

He pounced at Davis with blinding speed. Davis lowered his hands to his side and just as Sengir got within striking range, he punched the ancient vampire in his midriff.

There was a huge blinding light and Sengir was thrown violently backwards. His back slammed into the wall of the fast-food restaurant, breaking through. Sengir smashed down a few tables and chairs before coming to a stop on the floor.

"You are not any Sorcerer," Sengir muttered as he climbed out of the restaurant. "You are too formidable to be a sorcerer. What are you?"

"You will never know because you will die right now," Davis replied as he floated, yes, floated, towards Sengir. An energy ball appeared in his hands and he fired it at Sengir.

Sengir tried to evade it but the energy ball still slammed into him, causing him to be thrown deeper into the restaurant.

"If you are that good, why didn't you use your powers from the start?"

"I just wanted to have some fun," Davis answered. "It is boring to just kill you vampires without you putting up a good fight."

Sengir tensed a little, and then pounced just as Davis finished his statement. However, Davis swung his hand and punched Sengir in the jaw effortlessly. However, this time, Sengir tried to escape just as he was thrown back.

The force of Davis attack had broke him out of the other side of the restaurant. Before he landed on the ground, however, he twisted around and beat a hasty escape into a nearby forest.

"Something's wrong," Davis muttered. "Sengir is trying to trick me into being sympathetic with him! But he is badly hurt. I want to see how he is going to get away."

He quickly chased Sengir into the forest, taking short cuts in order to cut Sengir off.

For almost the entire night, Davis pursued the vampire through the forest. Finally, when they neared the edge, Sengir spun around and headed back. Davis saw the reason immediately; the sun was rising.

"Great," Davis muttered. "I said that I would kill him before the sun rises. Guess I have to get rid of him now."

He went after Sengir again. However, this time, Sengir decided to stop.

Davis emerged quickly behind him.

"Ha ha," he laughed. "So, Sengir. Have you finally decided to stop for a while?"

"What do you want?" Sengir demanded.

"Isn't it obvious? To kill – you!"

"…" Sengir looked very flustered and angry. "Hey, even though I'm injured, do you think you can kill me?"

"Sengir, I was the one who gave you those injuries and I know how weak you really are. You can't pull a bluff over your strength."

"I only displayed a fraction of my power," Sengir retorted. "I didn't think you were-"

"Too strong for you to handle?" Davis snorted. "Well, enough said. You can't get away. Just execute your final stroke quickly!"

"Argh!" Sengir screeched as he lunged at Davis. "I'll kill you!"

Davis grabbed Sengir's wrist. "Hey! Is that all the strength you have left?"

Sengir twisted around quickly and tried to sink his fangs into Davis's neck. However, his teeth met crackling energy.

"It's useless," Davis sneered. He slammed his fist into Sengir's chest and tore a hole through. "Die."

Sengir stared stupidly at the hole in his chest. "Impossible!" he screeched and tried to bite again. However, he met crackling energy again and collapsed. The only thing holding him up was Davis's fist.

"When will you ever learn," Davis said coldly. "That it is impossible for a mere AVC member to kill me?"

"Damn you," Sengir cursed. "What are you?"

"Since you are dying anyway," Davis said. "I'll tell you. I am a Slayer who uses white energy. To be exact, I am a Silver Slayer. No vampire is my match."

"A silver slayer…" Sengir gasped as Davis extracted his fist from the vampire. His fist was blood stained, but he did not care. The blood was slowing turning into dust. The vampire was dying as the parts around his wound started to turn into dust.

"That's right," Davis said indifferently. "The only Magic-wielding slayer in the continent. The other slayers, the Red Slayer, the Black Slayer, the Blue Slayer, the Green Slayer and the Gold Slayer are not in this continent. I had inherited the Silver Slayer's powers when he died in front of me while fighting a vampire called Gravilion. The previous Silver Slayer was old but he still managed to gravely injure Gravilion. I finished the job for him by driving a stake through its heart. After that, the White Slayer's powers were transferred to me."

Sengir gave a weak laugh. "Did you really think you have beaten me, White Slayer?"

"Duh," Davis snapped. "I don't see what you can do to me."

"Then you are a fool," Sengir laughed again. "Did you really think that you have beaten me, the great Sengir?"

Without waiting for a reply, black energy surrounded the vampire. Davis was suddenly pushed away by the black force field. The wound in the vampire started to heal as it vanished.

"I will show you my true power!" Sengir shouted as the black force field started to expand. This time, it did not force anything out but engulf them within the force field. The plants that got within the radius of the force field withered and died. Davis stared in horror as the force field stopped expanding a few feet from him and exploded.

The entire forest was destroyed and Davis was thrown onto the ground. Sengir had escaped, but how, Davis did not know. The sun was already up and Davis cursed as he walked away.

"He is mostly likely plotting to take revenge," Davis muttered. "I must be careful."

With that, he walked away towards the main road.