"Davis!" a woman called out while winging her way through the crowd gathered outside the ruin. "Davis! Where are you?"

She stopped outside the wreck, surveying the damage to the house from just outside the yellow police tape. The police were all over the place, snapping photographs of the wreck and fingering every little detail on the walls and floor.

"Would you be Miss Janet Dyson?"

She felt a tap on her shoulder and spun around, looking into the eye of a police inspector officer, flashing his ID card in front of her. She could smell the heavy stench of oil on his hair and wrinkled her nose, looking down on the shorter man in puzzlement before answering.

"Yes that would be me," she said cautiously. "May I know what happened here?"

"Ah yes," the police inspector nodded his head vigorously, his tiny glasses almost slipping off his nose. He pushed them back up and pointed at the wreck. "Naturally you would want to know what happened to your house while you were away. Anyway, from all of what we have seen so far, a fight has happened here. However, the damage caused is too extensive to be considered that of a normal brawl. Hence, some weapons were probably used. However, we do not know what sort of weapons can blow walls apart like that without leaving a trace of the weapon's existence. No bullets were found, meaning that shots weren't fired during the fight."

"Where's my brother," she interrupted impatiently, her arms folded across her chest. The blue dress she wore was getting a little filthy, but she didn't care. "I do not give a hoot about what had transpired here. I just want to know where my brother is!"

"I can guess what happened here," she added inwardly. "I do not need you amateurs to tell me your speculations. I just want to know if Davis is safe."

"I am sorry," the inspector sounded more annoyed than apologetic. "We do not have that information with us right now. No bodies were found in the wreckage, but there are definitely signs of a brawl. Your brother was most likely here quite some time ago. They all probably fled the scene when…"

"Sis!" a young, familiar voice shouted above the murmuring of the crowd. Janet turned in the direction of the voice, knowing to whom the voice belonged to. She frantically searched the crowd, until he saw her brother push his way through the unyielding crowd.

"There is something you must know," he said breathlessly. "I need… I need to talk to you in private."

The police inspector would have continued eavesdropping if Davis had not shot an angry glare at him. He shivered, before hastily making his way to help the other police officers.

Once he was out of hearing range, Davis turned back to his sister. "Listen… you must stay at your boyfriend's place for a while. It is not safe for you to go out anymore. And it is best if 'they' do not think of us as related."

"'They' did this?" Janet asked in no louder than a whisper. "What has happened?"

"I cannot tell you everything right now." Davis replied grimly. "But I will tell you once everything is over. For now, stay indoors at night until I tell you it is safe. It may take a week, a month, maybe even more, but I have to do kill 'him' before it is safe again. Their target was… was Crystal. I failed to protect her." He turned away.

"Wait," Janet grabbed his arm just as he was about to walk away. "Can you at least tell me your plans?"

"I'm going to train myself to be more powerful before confronting him again. Then I will hunt him down. That is all."

"What about school?"

"Screw the school!" he snapped, angrily. "This is more important than my education, don't you understand? That can wait. This cannot. Don't you understand what I am saying?"

"Don't speak to me like that," Janet was annoyed. "Don't you dare vent your anger on me. I understand that you have failed to protect Crystal but that does not give you the right to vent it all on me. I am your sister, damnit."

"That's because you fail to understand the severity of the situation here," Davis replied, glaring at his sister straight into the eye. "Crystal's dead! You think I can go to school with my mind set on studying and securing a good degree when I already have a job to do?"

"Your… job won't get you food on the table, will it?"

"That's not your problem. I will find my ways."

"It is my problem!" Janet was angry. It was the first time Davis had ever spoken to her in this manner. "Who is the one supporting you right now? Who is the one paying for your college fees?"

"Look here," Davis took a deep breath and sighed in anger. "If money's what you are about, I will find another way to pay you back for the college fees. I will find my alternative ways to continue my studies once I've dealt with this crisis. Now, can you stop bothering me and listen to what I tell you? Do not be alone at night."

"That's not the point!" Janet snapped. She felt like slapping Davis across the face, but she restrained herself from doing so. "All I wanted to know are you plans from here onward! I'm showing some concern here and what did you do? You shouted at me and dismiss me off as irritating. Of course I will feel angry too!"

"What on earth are you two siblings fighting over when your house is a wreck in front of you?" the police inspector had returned. "Listen, I need you to-"

"I'm sorry sis." Davis ignored the man. "I have to go off now. Can you take care of everything here? I will contact you tonight. Right now I have some… err… training to do."

"Take care," she replied softly. "Don't get yourself killed."

"You are greater danger than me, sis." Davis countered. "You take greater care."

"Danger of getting killed?" the police inspector asked, but was ignored again.

"I know. I will," Janet gave a nod to Davis. "Train hard. How about getting help from the other four?"

"No." Davis said firmly. "This is my fight, and mine alone. I will train hard myself, and fight him one-on-one fair and square."

You are still as stubborn as ever, Janet silently thought, but didn't say anything. "Good luck," she said instead, as she couldn't think of anything to say. Davis nodded and pushed his way through the crowd, out of the place.

Janet was wondering why the crowd was still there; it was already forty-five minutes and the whole group of people was still standing outside the police line, craning their necks to see the police merely gathering evidence from the place. What was so interesting about police snapping photographs and picking evidence? Usually people would watch for about five minutes before losing interest and walk away.

The police inspector broke her strain of thoughts. "Can I get an answer now?" he growled.

"Oh, so you were here." She replied, uninterested. "Yes? May I know what you wish to know?"

"Before I get to the initial reason I came here, what are you both talking about?" he asked quickly in a single breath. "What do you mean by being in the danger of getting killed? Who's out to kill you? And did he say something about wanting to fight someone? What was that all about? You both should know that fighting is against the law…"

"Oh shut it," Janet replied, pretending to sound annoyed. In reality she was actually doing some very fast thinking. "We were saying that whoever did this to our house may actually be targeting us. Finding us not at home, he attacked the house, possibly a sign to tell us he's coming for us. Of course, we have no idea who this person might be… but we can guess the intentions."

"That can hardly be the case," the inspector pointed out. "It looks like a fight had happened here. It doesn't look as if someone was just wrecking havoc in the house as a sign to tell you both to watch out."

"Hey, we don't know anything!" Janet snapped. "We are just telling ourselves to be careful. We are just guessing this psycho's intentions! We are just… just trying to tell each other to be careful! Are you telling me that we do not have to be careful and walk aimlessly in the middle of the night?"

"Well, no, of course not." The inspector backed away slightly, but tried not to make it too obvious. "Okay then, I suppose you have a point there… What about this about your brother going to fight? Is there a gang fight somewhere are something?"

"Does he look like a gangster to you?" Janet asked, annoyed. "He is… part of the… Kendo club. So he has to train for… an upcoming competition. He's against one of the best in his next fight, so he has to train for it."

"Kendo?" the inspector asked, rubbing his chin. "Quite a rare sport to be practiced in this part of the world, don't you think?"

"That's my word. Take it or leave it." Janet folded her arms across her chest. "Now what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Firstly, I do believe you have stated a point earlier. Firstly, I believe that we should put you and your brother under police protection. Just in case, you know, the person might come looking for you and complications might occur."

"That might be a good idea, but my brother will not want police protection."

"Are you saying that because you just had a fight with him? I understand that you may feel angry with him, but that doesn't give you enough reason to-"

"No, I mean it. He won't want it. Not because I'm angry with him or anything. I mean, what kind of sister would, just after a petty little quarrel with her siblings, and because of that, put his life in danger? Seriously. Anyway, he doesn't need your protection. If you insist on that, you can try, but you will see what I mean."

"Okay…" The inspector seemed a little uncertain. "Now I need your help with the investigation of this case. Do you have time to spare right now? If so, we would like you to come with us to the police station to aid us in our investigation."

"That sounds as if I'm suspected of an offence and have to go to the police station to give a statement."

"Well, we also need to arrange police protection with you," the inspector replied. "And may I ask, where will your brother be staying now that he has left the scene and your house is destroyed?"

Janet had no answer to that.