I live now

For all I lose

I cannot keep it

So I let it go

And die a little

Just to feel the end

Creeping closer to my home

No red paint above this Egyptian door

And without bravery they do not care

They worship the brave, see?

The beautiful people

Keep to their own

And leave me out of the loop

Again and again

In a loop of my own

A line of code

The program gets stuck on.

Won't run on my operating system

So I install an alternative

Self-Loathing, Lifelong Edition

With the Beauty-Worship patch

This is the system I work within.

And of course, though I see them

They are too busy adoring themselves and each other

To give a damn about anyone like me

So I slip back into my reverie

Of watching, caring, quietly

And letting them pass by

Cross this black cat's path,

I promise I won't bring you bad luck

Screw the moral obligation

I'll only keep this one

to look a little less despicable to you

I'm not immoral

Just amoral

Nietzschean, you see.

It's not wrong to kill a man,

it just doesn't benefit anyone.

So I'll leave you with him,

And know I can't do anything to change your situation

And consequently, mine - I lean on you

As morals on God.

As God is dead,

Morals are worthless,

And now you are gone,

I am nothing.