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Chapter Eight

"You're such an ass, you know that?" Leon giggled as he stroked the back of his best friend's neck.

"Mmm…" Was all the response the redhead got while Ace busily nibbled on Leon's bottom lip. Ace let his hands roam, moving them up and down Leon's slim figure and then resting them on the belt buckle.

The blond gave his friend a peck on the lips, then slowly moved to a crouching position above the belt. He gently pushed up the redhead's shirt and butterfly kissed the area between his belly button and the fabric barrier.

Leon happily sighed and ran his hands through Ace's hair. He knew now that he loved Ace. He always loved him. Ever since he met the blond, there was always a little something pulling at his heart. He found it silly that it took a dream for him to reveal his true feelings. But, he was glad that it did because this was the best feeling in the world- To have someone love you as much as you love them.

Ace stopped momentarily, looking up to his secret crush for almost three years now, and slowly undid the blasted belt. He gradually slid it from the pant loops' grasp and gently threw it on the floor. He then took off his own shirt and grunted as Leon slid his hand down his chest. Glancing down at the redhead, he had to bite back a moan as he saw the look plastered on his face- Cheeks flushed, hair slightly damp from sweat, and eyes full of lust. "Gorgeous," the blond whispered and touched a hand to Leon's cheek. Sluggishly, he traced his best friend's jaw line and finally rested his fingertips to tenderly stroke those beautiful, pouty lips. He just stayed there, not peeling his eyes from the gorgeous blue ones that stared back at him. "Leon, I love you," Ace huskily whispered, "Let me show you."

Kyler Vincent flipped open his cell phone and quickly began to move his fingers along the buttons, pressing one after another expertly.

Unicor3nShaft: hey

Buttermycroissant: wuts up?u usually dont txt me unles u want sumthin

Unicor3nShaft: who sed I wanted sumthin?i just wantd 2 say hello

Buttermycroissant: sure. K w/e. so wuts up?

Unicor3nShaft:i was wondering if u wuld com here.i miss u

Buttermycroissant: aw. Ok baby. Where r u?

Unicor3nShaft: the modeling agency

Buttermycroissant: ill be there soon babe. Bye

Closing the phone, he placed it back into it's rightful place- his back pocket- and ran his hand through his hair. This was going to be fun.

(Credit goes to Katy aka SerialXLain for the screen name "Buttermycroissant".Great author. You should go read her stories now.)

"Hey Aero?" Tristen asked, laying ontop of Aero.

"Yeah?" His brother responded, stroking the smaller boy's hair.

"Mmm… never mind."

"No. Tell me." Aero pushed himself up from off the couch and cradled Tristen in his arms. "What's up?"

"It's nothing.. I was just.. I don't know.." The smaller brunette diverted his eyes towards the ground.

"No." Aero stated, cupping Tristen's cheek and raising the boy's head up to look him in the eye. "What is it?"

Sighing, the smaller boy nervously drew tiny circles on Aero's knee with his index finger. "It's just that.. I've been feeling different lately."

"What do you mean?" His brother skillfully cocked an eyebrow.

"…Around you. When you.." He added, blushing slightly and again diverting his eyes.

Staring at his brother, Aero's breathing became heavier. "When I what, Tristen?" The space between them slowly decreased as the model leant in towards the younger male. "When I do this?" Hot puffs of air tickled Tristen's lips while Aero was a few centimeters away.

"A-aero.." The smaller brunette blushed greatly and grabbed onto his brother's shoulders.

Aero then once again closed the space between them, just like that one night. The night when they were so rudely interrupted by Floyd. It was Aero's time to show Tristen how his big brother really felt about him.

Tristen closed his eyes, loving the feeling of lips on his own and getting absorbed in it. Then, the youth started to kiss back.

Aero's mind went completely blank and his hormones went into overdrive. The feeling of his brother responding caused him to kick his morals out the window and let loose. He quickly pulled Tristen's shirt off and brushed his hands across the youth's lithe body. He was so beautiful.

The younger brunette hungrily kissed Aero's lips after his brother's moment of pause- when Tristen's shirt was discarded. "Mmm.. Aero.."

Floyd walked out of Jay's house looking.. Unlike himself. His dark chocolate locks were now bleached an unreal blond with random black spots covering his head. In the absence of his usual attire, he now consisted of something different. He wore a tight band shirt to accompany his tight black pants and a pyramid belt. His laced up, but not tied, skater shoes added to the look. "This fucking sucks," Floyd said with a frown.

"Oh no no no no no, my dear sir. You look hot." Jay retaliated, raising an eyebrow and looking the other boy up and down.

"..You think so?" Floyd slightly blushed. At his own actions, he grimaced. He wasn't acting like himself.

"Wanna go get something to eat, hottie?" The black haired male winked.

"…I suppose." His bleached blond hair covered his eyes as Floyd stared at the dirt.

"I'm so bored, Bashy. I'm going to dieeeee!" Zepher dramatically sighed and fell on top of the photographer.

"Then get off of me and do something, you lazy bum." Sebastian rolled his eyes at the model, but made no effort to push him off.

"Maybe I'll do you, Bashy-kins." Zepher smiled as he snaked his arms around Sebastian's waist.

"Oh shut up, Zepher. And get back to work." The photographer blushed and lightly shoved the model off.

"You're no fun, Bashers," Zepher pouted and walked away, leaving a flushed Sebastian behind.

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