It's hilarious how I reminisce about the times we all had during that wild and thrilling revolution that we all surrendered our secrets to eachother so desperately upon the neighboorhood. We were so horrible back In thoughs day's, It's just to restricted to tell to anyone. We all had are good times, but the bad times is what made us freak out in the neighboorhood, I still today get nightmares about those shocking secrets some of us had revealed, it was so intense, I thought we had gone really Insane. The secrets were too nasty to even be gossip upon anyone, just to mentally shocking as hell. I just wonder where would I be today If those secrets had not been revealed to anyone, but too bad we all found out the truth behind our naughty minds. We all learned that even our lies could be the truth from another person, but we had no clue that the other person were are own friends right next door. Now years have pasted by and we are not teens anymore, we all have grown up, but we still are young In are late twenties facing more reality in this world, even though are teen years felt kind of like a surreal reality during that point of time we still have to face the truth about those secrets, but what If I told you there were more secrets to be revealed ,but were never told, like I said our lies could have been are truth from others, But the most shocking secret of them all was from the mysterious sexy and beautiful girl that lived right next door to me...Scarlet , yep, This was too good to be true that the whole entire neighboorhood ,school and even her parents found out. Even I had a hard time believing this shocking truth from her secret life. So eleven years has past away which is now 2006 and I bet people are still stunned about the secrets we told and espeacially scarlet's shocking secret which had us feel like she left a poison taste in our mouth. So now as I sit across my oyster white bed spread, In the solitary chamber viewing the bright white fulfilled walls wearing my stray jacket, yeah you are probaly wondering what the hell am I doing In a stray jacket, well like I said the secrets were too restricted to tell, but I have to tell someone. So now It's time for me to take you on a ride on memory lane, eleven years ago, then you will find out why I'm In a stray jacket.


It was the year 1995 which was the year teens were having wild unprotected sex, doing illegal weed secretly from their folks and the best of them all, It was the year we all notice a girl name scarlet. Her name was Scarlet rose, It was just something about her that made us so curious to know. She had a sexy-slim body, her eyes were cinnamon hazel brown, lips were rosey red, her furry chocolate brown hair so long ended to her lower back which appeared a hearted tattoo that inked her name fulfilling bloody across the heart. She just looked too damn fine to even live In my neighborhood. She looked like one of those teen girl models that were your sweet innocent models then became your bittersweet porn-stars. She was such a desire to every boy In the neighborhood , she like epitomized what all the boys desired about a girl in our teen years. Her name was scarlet and she had just moved right next door to me and my brother brandon. Well my name is trevor caloway and I'm 16, lean with short ruffled black hair, dark lime green eyes with huge feet that I hate. I live with my achoholic mother and hardly never even saw her, the only time I did kind of see her were at drink bars or cocktail parties In the neighborhood. My father had left me and my mother when he found out that brandon wasn't his son. Til today I never saw my old man again. Me and brandon were real close brothers, even though at times brandon was gone during the summers to visit his wealthy rich father that spoiled him, we were still the best of brothers. I can remember It like it was yesterday, the day Scarlet and her family had moved into the neighborhood everyone was talking about them, we had heard scandalous rumors about the Roses's. We heard they were the wealthiest people In our state, the father use to work with president clinton, mother use to be a singer, but a one hit wonder and the best thing we heard the daughters were going to attend our school. All the boys were talking about fine ass scarlet and some of the girls felt kind of jealous knowing most of us boys were focussing our attention towards sexy scarlet.

So it was now 4:00 P.M when the Roses's had arrived In their fancy stretched black limousine.

Nearly everyone were outside there porch acting like they were just outside relaxing, but It was obvious there asses were just being noisy as fuck. Meanwhile I was just peaking from out my bedroom window from the second floor upstairs lurking for the daughters to appear from out the limo. First the father was escorted out next the mother then finally the daughters.

My eyes just kept a constant stare towards the oldest daughter looking so beautiful In her tight pitch blue jean mini-skirt, revealing her sexy slim legs with her small cut-off tank top also revealing her lean stomach with her long chocolate hair tied up In a pony-tail coming down her back. Every boy across the neighborhood just took a stare at Scarlet. later that night, as I got out the shower all wet then washing my hair dry, I then turned to the window and right across I notice that Scarlet's room window was right across from my room window.

It was strange cause Scarlet also was getting out her bathroom with a towel wrapped across her body too, she then began to remove her towel revealing her back side as she almost took off the whole towel, she then plunged around quickly, I then scattered to my floor hoping she had not seen me. I then came up slowly taking a peak upon my window, then brandon had just walked In chatting something to me, as I gave him a signal to shut the fuck up and get down, then his naive ass just snap a question to me and said "why, what the hell are you doing on the floor, are you doing something freaky, I better leave now...".said brandon.

"shut up dumbass, I think that new girl next door saw me while I saw her half naked, now get down so she won't see you ! ". I said all nervous. " well she's not there anymore, damn I wish I was here when you saw her ". Brandon said. Then I got a moment of relief and got up from off the floor then grabbed brandon and told him don't ever come In my fucking room without knocking on my door, now get the hell out, bro ". I said kicking him out my room. I was so lucky that Scarlet didn't see me, or so I thought. Later on my mother had came home all drunk and shit, soon as she reach the door, she then threw-up all over the fucken new carpet that Brandon's father had brought us a week ago. I was really getting tired of her achoholic ass drinking then having me and brandon clean her dirty work all over the damn place. I just could n't take this shit anymore. 15 minutes later my door bell had rung, I had got real curious to who that was...I was thinking that could had been Scarlet, so I told brandon to answer the door as I hid In the kitchen around the corner. Then I had heard my bestfriend demitrius all upset, but upset In a nervous afraid way. I then came from around the corner and told him to come In and we both went upstairs to my room to talk. " D, what's wrong with you...don't tell me that you and tamica got In another fight again ? " I said all tired. " But, tre, man, she said she want's to break up with me then she just walked away from me at the party ". Demitrius said all concern looking. " didn't she say that the last time ya two got Into an argument, but ya still were together, so...". I said. "But this time she serious, tre, I think I fuck up this time...", he said. " look..., since you two are both my friends, I'll just go talk to her and everything will be like It was again don't worry ,D, she still cares about yo dumbass...just go home and rest, man, you'll be fine ". I said. " Ok...i'm going...,but damn...who the hell Is ! that's alot of chocolate cake, and I would like to taste her Icing on the top, bottom or Inbetween, yummy...! ". said Demitrius, all humorously. Which he was referring to sexy Scarlet from next door from across my window. I then shoved him out my room and out of my house. I was really sick of Demitrius coming to my house bitching about him and Tamica's friction sessions. I just could not keep putting them back together everytime one of them fuck up, definely Demitrius unfaithful ass. I don't know how either one of them put up with eacother, Tamica is just a spoiled drama queen and Demitrius Is just relationship-challenged, but he's my bestfriend and I got to look out for his stupid ass. When I came back to my room I then saw my brother...oh my god !, I couldn't believe this shit ,he was jacking off right In front of my window staring at Scarlet. He then turned around with a guilty look on his face as gave him a look so predictable for him to read my mind which he knew what I was thinking, so he then zipped up his zipper, pulled up his wet jeans and creeped out my fucken room, walking with his dick all erected In his pants. I felt so fucking disgust of what he did, Scarlet was fine, but damn not that fine...matter of fact she..., whatever he was wrong for fucken jacking off In my fucking room by my window, now I might not ever stand at that spot near my window ever again, that was so..., just grose. My cellphone then rung and I picked It up, It was Demitrius on the phone all In a rush somewhere to go. " hey ,tre, Tamica forgave me, so we both back together and she want's me to come over her house, her parents not home, so you know what that I gotta go,tre, I'll call you later,tre ". Before I could say anything this fool had the nerve to hang the fuck up. That night was just so fucking out of control, My mother coming home drunk and throwing up also look like she was doing drugs again, My brother fucken jacking off In my room, My bestfriend bitching then rushing his confersation on the phone because he was hurrying to have sex with Tamica and of course a girl name Scarlet. These were just normal acitivities In our neighborhood. That night I just laid In my bed and smoked some weed to relieve all the stress that I had gone through that tiring day. This was just the beginning of the problems that went down In our surburbanian neighborhood. This was 1995, the year Of sex,drugs and A girl that lived right next door across my Scarlet and let me Just say That window revealed so many secrets to tell.