Dusk and Dawn (Candles that cannot Melt)

The Sun slid against the topaz sky

with a routinely gait down the hill.

Noting the contrast between morn' and night

We quickly finish what we didn't still.

Darkness ebbed it's way through out,

filling overhead with infinite holes.

Patiently we waited for the moon

To fill the void with its luminescent glow.

Time passes to no avail,

The aftermath; a limping sail.

The moon did not made its prescense known

After the sun had descended from the throne.

People running from oppressing clutches,

Panic trekked through our veins.

Stumbling over each fallen victim,

Fighting to keep the mad from sane.

Eagles soar with sinister eyes,

searching the ground for treasonous preys.

Simultaneously we flee for life.

Chaos ensues, Nature in disarray.

Ominous clouds gather above,

Imminent,angry, deprived of love.

Thick and heavy, full of rage,

Remember nights, forgot the day.

The longer we waited for the sun to rise,

the deeper the shadows swallowed our lands.

Neighbor's demise done by surreptitious knives,

We have decided to take this into our own hands.

Driven with grief caused by loss,

We turned this sadness into fury.

We save what we can with wits and lies,

And what we can't, we bury.

And so we worked with out a sound,

Uprooting their plans from underground.

We rebelled with pins against their swords,

Raiding wealthy unexpecting lords.

Yet when our lives came close to done,

Hauling us up were creatures of night.

Creatures who did not forget the day,

Rescuing us from the plight.

Soon we found our flames re-kindled,

Hope was a faith we held.

Within time we were more troublesome,

We are candles that cannot melt.

For many years we entered an era of war,

Significant scars we gained and bore.

Melted by candles was an icicle of fear,

Dawn approached, and light was near.