The Journal of a married Couple:

The Trouble with Ultimatums

Written by Adessa N. Baca

Dear Cybele,

Hello, how are you? Don't answer that, I don't care. I'm sorry, that was rude of me, but you must understand, I'm not rude to you for the mere fun of being rude. I was raised much better than that. I am rude to you because, essentially, I hate your very existence and I hope you rot into something that suits your soul you black hearted witch.

Now, onto business. I am writing you this letter for a very simple reason, other than to express to you my profound hatred for you and your disgusting blonde hair, and those spiteful acidic green eyes. I write to warn you. You have touched that which you should not have. You have crossed the line, the boundary that I have set. You have stolen something from me worth more than life. Specifically, your life. I want it back. I also want you to know, if you fail to deliver that which I love so much, I shall make you suffer. I shall become the thorn in your side, the scourge of your life, the nightmare in your dreams, the monster beneath your bed. I shall make your world crumble about you and shall make all the things you hold dear in life to experience a long drawn out death. I shall destroy your happiness piece by pathetic piece.

You have been warned.



Cybele looked up from the letter, a bored and slightly annoyed expression taking hold of her.

" Do you honestly expect me to believe Fluffy wrote this? He's a bloody cat! And this is in your handwriting! You asked me for this piece of paper."

" He dictated it to me. No thumbs." Jonas explained, perfectly serious. Cybele rolled her eyes and retreated to the confines of her study, intent on getting some work done instead of suffering her husbands madness. Bloody Americans.

" I don't think she believed you." Fluffy, the cat, stated.

" She never does." Jonas sighed.

" You think it worked, though?" Fluffy asked.

" Fluffy, I'm not really sure she knows that you liked the fleas." Jonas answered.

And so, Fluffy the cat never got his fleas back, but he did continue on to plot revenge on Cybele, whom he hated for her flea theft.


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