Hi remember me, the fun we had?
We got our kicks by being bad.
Remember the day we played hookie,
we went to the library and shared a cookie..
Remember the day we made it in the hay.
Remember the day you gave me your ring
all I could do was sing.
Remember the day we broke up
we couldn't make it so we made up.
Remember the day we went all the way,
you can forget but I must pay.
Now I'm in a house for unwed mothers,
but what do you care you have others.
While I'm writing this letter and fighting the pain,
I'm bearing a child that needs a name,
The doctor came in a minute ago
and said "There would be trouble"
Oh god please no,
I found out soon he wasn't lying,
The nurse came in and said I was dying,
The baby they said would be alright
but I will be some where else tonight.
But before I go before I die
love your baby good bye.