Your tears
no longer fool me.
I've learned
your frozen soul is incapable
of any true emotion.
So much so,
I half expect
the tiny dollops of salty dew
to crystallize
into flakes of snow
as they glide
off your cheeks.

For over a decade
I believed
if I were just a little stronger,
we could escape
the darkness created
by the wounds you endured
on behalf of your mother's
broken heart;
where happiness is not
a selfish fairy-tale notion,
where you would finally
let me love you.

Forever trying to enlighten me
with the rhetoric
of your missing childhood,
while demeaning my 'easy' life
and telling others to stop
living in a dreamland;
yet, you continue
to be stranded
on the sister isles
of "What if" and "If only".

your endless questioning
of the past
has made you blind
to the answer.