The thing with gay flirting is
You have to start off really slow.
The girl you're into could be straight.
You never really know.

The little things you do
Are really my first clue;
Straight chicks just aren't that comfortable.
I try to drop hints too
Every time I talk to you
Straight chicks just wouldn't react that way.

She walked off with my wallet and touched my hair;
Asked if I dyed it again.
I took her name tag and she didn't care;
Maybe I was just making friends.
We spent our breaks together
Each testing out the other
Playing out our queer little mind game
And I'm not about to complain...

Your car has a sticker on it
Oh, you're an ally? That's cute.
No... I'm not.
I smile. I didn't think so.

She said she had good gaydar
But she just couldn't figure me out.
I smiled, but I didn't tell her;
Gave her something to think about.
She was smiling the whole time;
I felt comfortable around her
She was too attentive to not be single
But we'd better wait to be sure.

Day two of this queer little mind game
And I will see it out to the end.
All I know for sure right now
Is that I have enough queer friends.