Chapter 1

The girl lay on the bed her front corset half way undone to show a large amont of clevage. Her skin shined a pale white with her neck exposed competly. Her long black hair was skrewed around her and on the bed. A breeze blew through the window and in an instant a man stood before the bed the girl laid on.

"Well well what do we have here." The man said. His dark brown hair was tied back with a blue ribbon that matched his English styled suit. Moving silently but with speed the man was over top of the girl his face close to hers with his hand already reaching down her lose top. "I wonder if the Count would mind if I hunted this one." The man said his teeth close to the girl's neck teeth exposed. Suddenly a large hand grabbed the vampire's neck tightly and pulled him off of the girl.

"About time Van." The girl said opening her eyes. She quickly pulled her hair back behind her and fastened it with a Red ribbon. Pulling out a stake from under a blanket she jammened it into the vampires heart with great force. The Creature who held the man shrugged and snapped the vampires neck.

"Well if you haden't been so distractful I would have had that bastured the moment he flew in." The girl blushed and quickly tied her corset up so it was up to it's proper hight. Then pulling a large leather strap from under her skirt she fastened it around her neck so none of her neck showed. "I don't see why you always need cover up so much." The creature said turning into a rugess looking boy around the age of twenty one. The girl looked at the boy her eyes narrowed.

"Well usually to protect myself from creatures of the night. Against their bites that could take my humanity from me against my will." The boy walked towards her towering over her by a few feet. The girl stared up at him into his deep emerald green eyes.

"You know that werewolves don't have to turn someone from a bite on the neck, like a vampire, would you like to know how we do it?" The girl grabbed the boy's collor of his shirt pulling his face a few inches from hers. She stared deep into his eyes with streagth.

"I may be younger than you, I may be physically weaker than you, I may just be considered weaker than you because I'm a girl but lets get one thing very straight Van Les Bijonx. I will never give up my humanity willingly I would Die first than even think about it let alone consider it. I have been given one life by God, and this life I will live to my fullest. You Van Les Bijox are in the servitude of my family and you should have a greater respect for what I belive than thinking I would want your sad exuse for an alternitive for death." A knock sounded at the door. Staring into Van's eyes fiercly, the girl answerd. "What is it."

"Lady Arcana Silurian." a girl on the other side asked nervously.

"What?" The girl said pulling the stake from the vampire's chest.

"There's a message here for you from your family." Arcana opened the door and stared at the young girl.

"Well what is it?" Arcana asked staring at the young girl. The girl had a light brunette hair with pretty brown eyes to match. The girl nervously handed Arcana a sealed parchment. Arcana opened the parchment scanning the neatly written script. she shook her head at her aunt's beautiful handwritting. "To bad she dosen't act the same manner." Arcana said under her breath. She finished reading the parchment hearing a small chuckel from Van. She guessed he must have known who she had ment.

"A gentalman stopped here to give it to you." The girl said. Arcana nodded absently to the girl as she finished scanning the letter.

"Thank you." Arcana said moving to shut the door. The girl quickly moved to the crack that was still at the door and stared at Arcana through it.

"My Lady the gentalman is still here and wishes to see you. He asked for your pressance after I've delivered the message from your family." Arcana sighed looking at the girl for a few moments before folding the parchment and tucking it on her desk.

"Then by all means lead the way." Arcana said to the girl. The girl nodded and turned walking down the hallway. Arcana looked at Van while opening the door. "Are you coming to meet the gentalman Van?" Arcana said with sarcasm. Van bowed polietly in a mocking way.

"I thought I was being punished, " Van said with a smile. Arcana shook her head moving the direction the girl had just gone.

"If you are close the door." Arcana said choosing to ignore his comment. Van smiled shutting the door behind him. Then catching up to Arcana asked softly,

"Would you like to know who it is." Arcana walked down the stairs after the girl and into a side room near the Inn master's.

"Why not surprise me." Arcana said walking down the stairs after the girl and into a side room near the Inn master' room was a small room lined with shelves of books, The was a fire place with three chairs around it, In one of the chairs sat a man in a Ebony suit. His hair dirty blond that had hints of gray in it. The girl motioned towards the seats and bowed polietly before leaving, closing the door behind her. Arcana smiled and cracked her knuckels slowly watching the man whince at each crack. Finally at the last crack the man stood and stared at Arcana.

"Don't you know that will only lead to not being able to use the use of your hand's as you get older. First they'll become double the size than you won't even be able to use them altogether." The man said. Arcana moved towards the man smiling brightly.

"Hello to you too Doctor Morian Devionian." The man bowed his head with a smile and embrased Arcana with a hug.

"You've grown." He said sitting down he motioned for her to sit as well as Van, who stood tall behind the chair of Arcana, shook his head.

"Now Doctor I know you didn't come all the way to Germany just to vist me." Morian shook his head and leaned close to Arcana.

"I have discovered something very very intreasting and dangerous oh very bad for our family line even me who isn't a direct desendent." Arcana stared into his eyes trying to glance a glipse of what it is.

"Well?" Arcana asked "what is it."

"The ways of our killing Vampires dosen't work on all. I've discovered a different breed of vampire. One who can survive from a silver stake, or the normal means of killing a human, a twist of the neck , slitting with silver into the wrists, hanging on blessed ropes, even holy water." Arcana stood her hands shaking in nervousness.

"And when was this discovered." Arcana said beginging to walk fast towards the door.

"A few months ago in early Febuary." Arcana felt herself breathing heavy as she ran out the door.

"Why didn't you come straight here." Arcana yelled, running through the door. The girl who had brought her looked worriedly at Arcana. Arcana motioned for the girl to stay and quickly ran up the stairs skipping some as she jumped over them, Van close behind. She pulled out the stake that had been hidden in her dress and ran towards her room. she opened to door to see the vampire standing where he had been stabbed.

"You ripped my clouthes with that stake now I'm going to have to go get new clouthes." Arcana held the stake tightly in her hand staring at the vampire. "Well Lady Arcana what do you have to say to that." Arcana's eyes widened as she heard her name from the Vampire. "Oh yes I heard what you said, almost killed me if I hadn't been tuned by the Count." Van held Arcana's sholder as she clenched her teeth. "I'm glad we've had this small but lovely chat but I really must go." The vampire said. Arcana threw the stake as the vampire moved towards the window. The vampire moved quickly out of the way barly missing getting hit as the stake hit into the wall. The Vampire turned to Arcana and smiled. "Purhapse I should bring you to the Count, But I think he'd rather get you on his own, especially since you've been able to tame a Werewolf, quite an achomplishment."

"And who is this Count, Maybe I'll come vist one day." Arcana said fiercly. The vampire smiled showing Arcana the parchement she had recieved from her family in his hands.

"No I belive that he would Much rather Vist you young Asi." Arcana whinced at the nickname she hadn't been called in almost a decade.

"How did you know that name." Arcana asked feeling herself growing weaker, tears began to cloud her eyes. The Vampire smiled again, Arcana hated that smile it was as if he had power over her with it.

"I remeber distinctly a little farm not far from this city out side of Berlin if I'm correct, There was a mother, a father, four girls and six boys. One of the girls had dark purple eyes." The vampire was silent for a time. "Do you remeber that night." Arcana grabbed a glass bottle on the table and threw it at the vampire who jumped onto the window sill to doudge the bottle. The glass shatterd as it hit the wall liquid pooring onto the ground mixed with the broken shards. The Vampire began to laugh as he jumped from the sill into the night. Van began to rush to the window but stopped as Arcana grabbed his sleeve of his shirt.

"We have to go Van. We have to warn father." Arcana said as she heard footsteps behind her.

"You had a vampire didn't you? Arcana answer me." Morian asked. Arcana moved from her door way beginging to grab her belongings and store them in her trunk.

"If I hadn't been warned then he might have gotten more than that parchement."

"He got a parchment from the Family?" Morian said. "Do you know what could happen, this new breed could find the family, discover our secrets, discover all of our inventions, our legesy that we've keep secret for over seven decades. Arcana do you know what could have happened."

"Morian!" Arcana said turning to Morian with a frustration. "Is it my fault I didn't know about this new breed. Is it my fault you were delayed and unable to come. That vampire expected us to go after him, He wanted a chase If Van and I were to give chase he might have captured Van or Myself purhapse even both. What would you have had me to do, The only thing that I can think of to do right now is to go report my mistakes to Father, to warn the family. They expected me back just not this soon." Arcana said throwing more of her belongings into her trunk.

"Arcana whats the matter." Morian asked moving towards her slowly. Arcana's hands shooks as she closed her eyes.

"He knew my name, My real name, He knew about my family, He knew about that night." Arcana said in a whisper. Morian eyes stared in shock. Arcana swallowed and shut her trunk locking it with a iron lock and key. "Van could you.." Arcana began to ask. Van bowed low to Arcana and lifted her large trunk with ease.

"Of course." Van said with respect. Arcana wrapped a black cloak lined with a red material. Taking one last glimps at the room she turned to follow Morian down the stairs. The young girl stared worriedly at Arcana as she handed a few gold coins to the Innkeeper. Seeing the fear in the girl's eyes Arcana forced a smile for the girl before turning out the large wooden door to the carraige that waited out side.

"Van.."Arcana whispered softly to Van as Morian stepped into the carriage. The young werewolf moved close to Arcana as she began to move her way into the carraige.

"What is it Arcana." He asked softly. Arcana hugged Van tightly trembeling in fear.

"Protect me from this please I need you Van. Protect me like you did that night." Arcana whispered softly and hesitated letting go to enter the carriage. After a few moments Arcana let go of Van and went slowly into the carraige.

"Of course my mistress." Van said softly before jumping onto the lead seat hitting the horses to begin their journy to England.