Thomas, a vampire his looks about the age of twenty and his long dark brown hair was pulled back tied with a blue ribbon to match his English style suit that had a wrip were his heart was, opened the door to the old rugged castle hearing the faint playing of a violin.


Moving inside he motioned in the air a push. Instantly the large doors behind him closed. Before him stood a young girl who was tight liped and stared angrily at him.

"You moved our parents again, and you stayed longer then you were suppose to." The girl said arms crossed across her chest.

"Well young one, They were moved for a reason, my own not yours, why I stayed is for the Count to know and not you." Thomas said moving past her.

"Well no matter I knew you were going to do it. I know both reasons why, and if you lie to the count He'll just ask me for the truth." Thomas' hand formed fists and he turned grabbing her neck. He held her like that not squeezing, but holding her neck in his hand knowing he could easily snap her neck.

"Why not just do it, you'll be rid of me, and the only human left in out family alive would be Seleane who waits pationtly for your return. Do you feel satisfied that our family has fallen apart, that you sleep with your sister. That you turned your back on God." Victoria said, her voice emotionless, despite the bitterness that her words should intend, staring fearlessly into Thomas' eyes.

"So what. I've may have turned my back on God but I have Seleane and she loves me. besides in this world there is no God, if I killed you you'd be dead you wouldnt go any where becasue there is no God."

"If thats true just kill me its better then watching this nightmare, being used only because of my godforsaken curse. But tell me dear brother if you have Seleane and she loves you oh so much then why do I see visons of her crying during the day, cursing that night we were cursed, Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in our family left to have any sense of our old morals. " Victoria stared at Thomas's eyes as they grew to anger to fear.

"The Count wants your pressances to celebrate that he has new information for his future bride that you have brought." Thomas let go of Victoria's neck and turned to a set of stairs. Quickly he began to desend only noticing the Violin's melody slowly growing louder.

Arcana smiled brighter as they reached the port of Le Harve. They were almost there. Arcana thought brightly, Almost to safety. As Arcana's mood brightened Van began to smile more and Morian began to become less and less nervous. As they borded the ship Arcana saw something that made her shutter.

On the deck stood a twenty year old looking woman, with chesnut brown sholder length hair and dark brown eyes, who stared at her as she borded the ship. The thing that scared her was that it wasn't just her the woman was staring at, it was also Van. As soon as the ship began to go however, Arcana noticed that the woman had completely vanished.

"What's the matter?" Van asked worriedly. Arcana shrugged in thought. Were had she seen that woman before.

"Van, did you ever know anyother werewolfs when you were a pup?" Van shook his head.

"No why?" He asked.

"No reason." Arcana asked and bit her toung in frustration. She had seen that woman before, she knew that woman was a werewolf, but, there was something odd about the woman. Had she known Van was a werewolf, Did Van scence her in the crowd, could he? Arcana was troubled through the entire trip, and it seemed eveyone, esspecially Van began to catch that she was in a mood.

As they stepped off the ship into Dover, England. Arcana bearly noticed and for a strange reason felt as though she were being watched. Constantly she looked over her sholder scanning the crowd for someone dark and mysterious. After a while Van grabbed her arm and pulled her into range where only she could hear his voice.

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern. Arcana shrugged and smiled at Van.

"Absolutely nothing I'm just nervous about seeing father that's all." Arcana said pushing away the urge to look behind her even though she had a sence that who she'd been looking out for had just gotten much closer.

"Infact If it's alright I'd like to stay a night." Arcana said with an Urgance in her voice.

"I don't think that would be wise, lets keep moving." Van said taking her hand tightly in his. He motioned to Morian and began to move towards a busness that Arcana smiled at.

"Excuse me." Van said to a man who sat at the shop/barn's entrance. "Is the Tamer in?" Van asked and the man smiled and motioned for them to move in. Van tightened his grip on Arcana and moved in quickly, Morian trailing behind moving fast.

"TAMER." Van shouted and scanned the building as the door shut. Van released Arcana's hand and moved to search behind some of the crates and barrols.

Arcana felt hands gripping her waist as a man's arms reached out from behind a barrol of hay.

"Not a word." The man whispered in a rich french stopped moving and the man seemed to laugh.

"Miser Don't move or I swear the woman gets it." Arcana felt a blade against her neck and clenched her teeth.

"Please don't do it." Morian said in a sarcastic tone. Arcana smiled and quick as a flash her hand was twisting the man's wrist causing him to drop the knife.

"I don't like men who think the have the right to do as they please." Arcana said snapping the man's elbow. Arcana pushed the man away and took a few steps backward toward Van who stood over her protectively. The man laughed and snapped his elbow back into place. Arcana clenched her teeth and grabbed Van's hand.

Why the hell was this happening to her? Hadn't her life be enough misrebly without this? Arcana thought And quickly pulled out two silver daggers facing the man with stern eyes.

"So the madumosel has finally found her courage." The man said laughing and pulled a steel short sword from his side. "maybe I'll teache her how to fight." The man said and charged at Arcana.

Arcana met the man doudging his first swing, and quickly swiped her right dagger at the man's stomach. It dug deep and clean and the man took a step back clutching his stomach. He lounged at Arcana and she quickly stepped out of the way throwing the dagger in her left hand into the man's neck. There was a clapping from behind all of them, as the man fell to the ground. Arcana quickly turned to see a young thirty year old clapping behind them. He wore a patch over his eye but his other eye was a briliant shade of Periwinkly, that clashed with his long loosely tide back reddish brown hair.

"So this is your young mistress Van, Pleasure to Finally meet you, glad Van's stories weren't completly false." Arcana pulled her Dagger from the man's neck and walked towards the man.

"Well I suppose your the 'Tamer' None of what I've heard about you is true." The man seemed a bit shocked by this and shrugged.

"And what is it you've been told about me."

"That you were a man who could calm the wildest best with your charm, It hasn't worked on me yet." Arcana said washing the blood off of her daggers with a barrol of water.

"Well thats becasue your not mine to tame, Thats a job left up to your father."

"Guess he hasn't done a very good job then." The man chuckled and moved towards Van.

"What is it you'll be needing My friend."

"Horses that can out run me during a full moon, and a protector to watch over us when I can't" Van leaned over to The Tamer's ear so Arcana wouldn't hear, "Some one to protect My closest Treasure." Van said and the Tamer smiled.

"Her huh, she's a beast why would she need it?" The Tamer laughed and moved toward a few stalls. Arcana frowned at this laughter and moved toward a stall were a black stallion stood with a silver mane. Never before had she seen such an odd combination. Horses never had the silvery hair unless they had age, but it was obvious that this horse had only a few years to it. Its Dark eyes stared at Arcana demanding her respect that left her at a sort of awe for words. What sort of creature was this?

"I'd like this one." Arcana said in a firm voice, staring straight into the horse's eyes challenging it right on.

"I doupt that miss, that ones a real demon." The Tamer said and countiued to prepare supplies.

"I'm never mistaken sir, I make sure my answers are what they should be, I would like this one sir." The Tamer shook his head. And turned his back on Arcana moving toward a solid dark brown Scandinavian breed.

"Now this one is a real keeper." The Tamer said and patted the horses neck. Arcana stared into the Black stallion's eyes and slowly touched his neck still staring challengingly into it's eyes.

"I want him." Arcana said fiercely. The stallion stamped his hoofs and waved his head. Arcana jumped onto the stallion's back and grabbed it's mane. The stallion raced forward and stopped fast only a few inches from the Tamer.

"I see." The Tamer said leading the horse he had back into the stall it was in. He motioned for Van and whispered a few words in a language that Arcana had never heard before. Van laughed at the words and nodded. Arcana slid of the stallion and rubbed his cout gentally.

"When I was young I vowed I would never allow anyone to get in my way."Arcana said staring at the ground. memories poured into her at her hand formed a fist. "No one."

Austin sat in the barn sitting by the door quietly. The door budged slightly and quickly she leaped to her feet.

"Van? is that you?" She asked softly. There was a whimper and Quickly and silently she opened the door to revel a young boy in tattered clouthing. "Van." She whispered excitedly. "I'm so glad you came, come in quickly, I got you some food." Austain lead the boy in and shut the door silently and quickly. Her purple eyes glanced at the darkened barn and quickly she moved to a pile of hay. Pushing the pile over, she provided a blanket. Unwrapping it she reveled a slab of raw meat and a small bowl of mush.

"Here," She said softly handing the bowl and piece of meat to him. "I'm sorry it's raw but I had no time to cook it. I visted the butcher in town and said I needed some scaps of meat for my dog."

Austain laughed softly and sat next to Van who began to devower the meat. Her eyes widened.

"Wow, How do you do that, won't you get sick, isn't that bad for you." Van looked shocked and stared at the girl. Did she really want to know all this, wasn't she scared or afriad.

"I eat raw meat becasue I'm a werewolf, I was born this was." Van's voice said softly unsure whether or not to go on. The girl nodded eager to learn more.

"Well you see I'm technically half, my father was a werewolf and my mother was a human like you, no special powers or anything. They both died though, The villagers killed them where we lived, they belived that my father was killing the sheep and all that nonscense. then a little girl went missing and my father was blamed for it so they killed him." Van said softly.

"Those Basturds."Austain said angrily. "Just becasue he was a were wolf doesn't mean they had any reason to do that, thats just plain wrong, no trial just hate." Van stared at Austain in shock. He had never heard anyone talk like that. It was amazing. "Well what happened next, how did you get here?" Austain asked.

"Well I grew up on the streets never being accepted into ophanages becasue rumors spread of what I was. Soon a family began to hunt me down and thats why I'm running now, So They don't catch me." Austain nodded.

"What if this family wanted to help you?" Austain asked. "I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that you don't have to even think about that after what those people did to your family." A scream from the house was heard and Austain quickly ran to the barn door. opening it. She ran toward the house but stopped as Van grabbed her hand.

"Don't go I smell a vampire." Austain picked up a stick.

"I have to." And quickly ran towards the house. Van bit his toung lightly before following. Austain ran into the house to see her most of her brothers and sisters lieing bloody on the floor.

"Mum, Da?" Austian whispered softly and heard a thunk in one of the rooms. Slowly she walked forward stepping over the bodies of her family silently. She stared from the hallway into the room to see her father laying dead on the floor, his neck ripped out and her mother's lifeless body being drained of her blood. Austain stared at the man's back He was tall and dark haired that was pulled back into a small ponytail. He wore a Black long clouk that covered his entire body accept for his black leather boots that Austian could tell were a nobles. "Mum?" Austian whispered. The man froze, and dropped the lifeless body to the floor. He turned slowly and stared at Austain with a slight smile.

"I didn't think there was anyone left alive here, I guess I was wrong." The man said. Austain stood still, not becasue she was scared, but becasue there stood the murderer of her entire family, and now he wanted her as well.

Austain stared right into the vampire's eyes challenging him, the stick held firmly in her hand, ready to stab if he came at her. Austain heard the vampire gave a surprised Oh, and clenched her teeth, what was he planning on doing.

"I never thought those eyes existed, and filled with so much anger and challenge too, what a fitting look for you." The vampire said softly. Austain's eyes widened in surprise, He thought her eyes were special, or something, come on they were only purple there must be thousand of other's with purple eyes just not here.

Suddenly Austain felt an unusual feeling come over her, her body felt light as a feather, her eyes felt tired and she felt herself beginging to fall, but she was doing it slowly, in slow motion. The Vampire dissapeared and Austian felt arms around her and stared straight into the eyes of the Vampire.

"Your quite a prize little one, do you have a name." the vampire asked softly, Austain felt intoxicated by this, something was over coming her body she couldn't move,could barely breath.

Tell him your name. A voice said in Austain's mind. No, he killed my family, I'll never tell him then he could have power over you. It wasn' t his fault. He was forced to do it. No No he killed them he sucked out all their blood. It wasn't his fault. Austain felt herself slowly beliving the voice more and more as it repeted itself in her mind.

"Austain." Her lips muttered finally... softly causing the vampire to grin widely.

"You have quite a strong will for a human child Austain, I think I'm going to take you with me." Austain suddenly heard a soft whisper and her eyes shot open wide with surprise as she found herself in the vampire's arms. Her arm flew towards the vapire's face and Austain looked as surprised as the vampire as the stick she held stabbed into the Vampire's neck. "AHH." The vampire yelled in surprise and in pain and released Austain. Austain jumped to her feet and ran toward Van who motioned fo her. The two grabbed hand and rushed out of the house hearing the vampire's laughs behind them.

"Well well isn't that a surprise a werewolf and a human running away from the big bad Vampire." The two kept running towards the woods when suddenly a strong wind blew pasted them and Austain fell to the ground, her eyes shutting as she hit the ground feeling a sharp pain in her knee. Austian flinched as she saw the cut on her knee that dripped blood slowly down her leg. Her eyes looked up to see the vampire standing before her with a smirk on his face.

"Your mine girl," The vampire said, the smirk growing wider on his face. Van pushed Austain behind him and stood with a determined look on his face, a growl passing his lips. "Oh how cute, the werewolf wants to save the human."

"Asi, run, get out of here." Van said softly. The Vampire's smirk grew to a smile.

"Asi, I like it." He said softly. Austain's hand quickly snatched a broken stick off the ground and stared with a determined face at the vampire.

"No." Austain said clearly, as the vampire pulled the stick from his neck and snapped it in two with on hand. "I'm not gonna run, he'll beat me at that, I'll stand and fight my own battles not letting any one stand in my way, Love, Hate, Anger, Passion. I'll overcome my obsticles by myself, I don't need others pulling me down." Austain said. The vampire laughed.

"Well, thats refreshing, a human with determination, I haven't seen one of those in a long time, I hope that this will be a challenge." A horse neighed and the vampire scoffed at the arrival of individuals. "Miss Austain," The Vampire said softly, with a bow to Austain. "Lets finish this when you can wield more than just sticks shall we?" The vampire laughed and dissapeared, Austain feeling a rush of air fly past her.

"Miss, step away from that creature, he is unsafe for you." one of the men on horse back said, the entire group having their crossbows aimed at Van. Austain looked up at the men with an angry determind look.

"If he was unsafe I'd probally be dead, But as you can see I am not and render him to be quite harmless, different, yes, but that is no reason to have your cross bows turned towards him." Austian said. There was a laughter from the group and Austain stared at a tall gentalman on a horse who's face was filled with stress and hardships, but kindness none the less.

"Well miss I belive you have tamed the werewolf, congradulations. Where are your parents so that I may congradulate them for their parenting techniqs." Austain looked to the ground.

"I don't think you'd like to see them." She said softly.

"And why not."

"Becasue they've just died. You just missed their murderer who left only a few seconds ago." The man bowed his head in respect.

"I'm sorry, Who killed him, werewolf, ghoul, human?" The man asked. Austain shook her head.

"No sir, It was a vampire." Austain said clutching the stick tighter in her hand, feeling somewhat more safe with it. Her eyes staring at the dirt below her her skinned knee staining the ground with the blood that feel from her knee.

A pool of blood on a night with a half a moon. After the Attack from the vampire, into the grasps of the only resistance.

Austain heard words being passed by the man who had spoken to her, and soon earth was being dug up to burry the dead, flames engulfed the house as well as some of the bodies that were judged to be too far gone to be burried correctly. And so it was gone, her entire home, child hood and family.

"Whats your name child?" Then man asked again. He had a nice voice, Austian desided.

"Austain." She said softly looking up into his deep kind eyes. A smile formed on his lips.

"Well that will never do, thats my name as well, So i have a propersition for you child, Miss Austian. I'm in need of an heir, you see my family is very picky about things like this. You have proven yourself worthy of any position, the gift of taming a werewolf, and facing a vampire and living to speak of it at such a young age. I offer you the new life of coming to be a part of my family, as next heir to it, you'll be trained to defend yourself, educated in as if you were a boy in our society."

"Fight." Austian said softly.

"What? " The man asked back slightly surprised at Austian's response.

"I want to learn how to fight, not defend myself. If I go with you, will you teach me this?" Austian asked, staring back defiently into the man's eyes, not caring if he took it as disrespect or not.

"You'll learn how to fight, I'll give you the best teachers there is." The man said.

"whats the catch that has to happen?" Austain asked causeing the man to laugh.

"Lose the name, I can't have you being mistaken with me all the time." The man said in a nice easy going voice, that caused Austian to smile.

"I think i can do that..."

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