Here you lay

An execution so beautifully planted in your mind

That simple blade

Such delicate skin

Morbid delight crawls across your supple face

A smile playing on your lips

Creeping up your cheeks

Cold with the sweat from your chilling nightmares

The massacre plays through your mind

Grinding into your brain

Colliding with your thoughts

Commanding your every move

Those idolized containers of evil stand above you

You shiver with every violation they commit

Arching your back

Trying so hard to escape

They charm you with their thoughts

Their demonic words slash at your holy appearance

Ripping at your flesh

Tearing it to shreds


Your voice cracks

You are damned by their voices

Paralyzed and weak

Your chest falls into itself

Weary from your heavy dreams

A pillow is pressed into your face

Gasping for air

It burns at your lungs

Tears pressed into the sheets

They idolize you

And dress you up in their magic

Laid down upon you

Coldness from beneath you

Pulling you onto it

Closer to its chilling furt

Black candles tempt you from afar

Those covered faces scream with delight

Calling you so painfully into their murderous arms of comfort

Hands run across your body so gentle


They plunge inside you

Focus on the light

All will be fine

Laughter fills the air

As they greedily watch you suffer

You wish you could watch

See how strong you really are

I'm everything you meant me to be

Look into my eyes and tell me you love me

So I can laugh once more

You silly boy

Such a good liar

But this time, you're just not good enough