Sharp veins laced delicately under your thin skin

Beating softly

Crimson blood

Rich within your flesh

Your wisdom- intoxicating

Your compassion- a drug

Slowly running through your rugged exterior

Bringing warmth to your most private self

Enlightenment and satisfaction do not exist

Even your most private thoughts are locked within your mind

You refuse to confide in yourself

You liar

Surrounding, drowning yourself in the lies of your falsified reality

Pick up the sharp pieces of your life

Severed so cruelly before your lonesome eyes

Fall to your knees

Lay down upon the shards of the life laid before you

Accept it

It's yours

Look at what you've allowed yourself to become

Slicing deep

Ripping your pale flesh with their honest fury

Testing your beliefs

Chiding your wisdom

Hide within yourself

You used to be so good

The ability to control your pain is gone

You are left alone with the consequences

Memories of your mistakes you made so long ago

Past is past, you whisper

The words "let it go" pass your clammy lips

Telling me how desperate you really are

Everything I have always wanted to hear

I always craved your touch

You were so forbidden

Absence makes the heart grow stronger

Hah, okay

Tell me you have always wanted me

Dreamed of my soft skin beneath yours

Try and make me believe your deceptions

You appear so trustworthy

But really, you are just the best liar I've met

Your lies are a set of calculations

Carefully planned in your lustful mind

Thirsty for comfort

In a daze, you lived your life

In denial of your true feelings

You were always led

Where you supposedly wanted to go

You trusted them so deeply

Allowed them to run a blade across your perfect skin

Holding hands

Trembling with burning fear

Laced fingers

Caught up in the passion of the moment

Substituting your feelings with hers

What you thought she wanted

Her eyes shining into yours

Wide with fear

Laced with delight

Fingers pressing deep into your arms

Bruises forming

What you look back on

Physical proof of your grimacing crime

She said the knew

You told her once more

Wet grass below you

The drunken starry lit sky as a curtain

Separating you from the life you knew

It's over

She's gone

Crimson blood

Rich in your flesh

Wounded by her hurtful words

Spilling onto the ground below

Staring intently

As you die