As I Hope You Would For Me

If I faced the heavens and Called your name,
Would you Come for me, like I would come for you?

If I stumbled and fell on the Path we call life
Would you pick me up, carry me, and Guide me back?

If I walked miles upon miles to Reach you
Would you be there to receive Me?

I'd do it all for you
And a million other things
As I'd hope you would
For me.

If I Slept only to never rouse again,
Could you gain the Courage to kiss me awake?

If I wept for what I couldn't Achieve,
Could you Comfort me with what I have?

If I questioned and Doubted,
Could you Convince me of who you are?

Even if I couldn't,
I'd try just for you.
Even if my hope were Lost,
I'd attempt anything for you.

If the World would end too soon,
I'd still be Standing by your side.

If Inquiries brought you sins,
I'd find the Truth in your heart.

If a wall Blocked away your soul,
I'd clear it away to help Find who you are.

I would wait for you.
Stand with you.
Stay with you.
If you would do it all for me.

As I Hope you would for me.

part 2

Gain the courage
To speak with your heart

Feel the sunlight
Streaming through the clouds

Absorb the warmth of a fire
On wintry days

And never let it