A/N: This is a short prose i wrote for lit class like, ages ago. Looks like it will never be read out, and i'd prefer it that way. it's short, and it's meant to be retrospective. would appreciate some style crits or just flames in general. laughs bring it on, baby!

He had always been free, running about with the sunlight glittering in his hair. In fields of gold and emerald, I would watch him wade, smiling like a child though he was taller than I, and far stronger. I had loved him so much; it hurt to even think of losing him. He, with those crisp grey-green eyes, like lovely stones. They laughed along with him, as he stuck stalks of tawny wheat in my hair. We sat by the silver lake, watching the trout slither through starlit waters, the tiny stream meandering into the vast cerulean sea. He would take my hand, his grip firm yet gentle and assuring. Away he leapt, and away I followed, clambering clumsily after him. We would frolic in the crystalline waters of the sea, waves careening upon us—how we had loved the sea! There we were, entwined destinies, twin hearts, never to be torn apart.

Where is he now? Where has he gone? I wondered.


Disappeared into shadows and dust.