Hello, all my lovely readers. It has certainly been a long time since Patricks and Westerns and I must admit that I am glad to have that in the past. Although I cringe every time I read a chapter of my ancient tale, I thank every single reviewer who has been kind enough to take the time to speak about my story. Now, I have reappeared with a lovely tale that I was tempted to call Not Just a Cliché, because I am attempting to insert many cliché's into my tale, while keeping you, the readers surprised by the many twists I have in store (There's always a twist, as seen in my first story). I really am enjoying writing it, and I even enjoy reading it myself. I attribute my inspiration to one of my favorite songs, sung by Nat King Cole (If you haven't heard it, please do, I think it gives you the tone I'm going for with this story, especially with the first chapter). Soon I will be contacting a beta, but for now, please enjoy my tale (and it's possible errors). This first chapter is short, but most chapter will be relatively lengthy. I have written this long Author's note because I do not plan to write any throughout my story. So, if for any reason I am not updating, do not fear, because the story will be completed in fifteen chapters although it may take me a long time to do so.

Disclaimer: I am not a writer, nor do I claim to be. I do this as a hobby. Therefore, please do not flame me because I could care less about your non-constructive criticizing. All other reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome.

Well, now that I have informed you, here goes nothing:

When I Fall in Love(sung by Nat King Cole)

When I fall in love

It will be forever

Or I'll never fall in love

In a restless world

Like this is

Love is ended before it's begun

And too many

Moonlight kisses

Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun

When I give my heart

It will be completely

Or I'll never give my heart

And the moment I can feel that, you feel that way too

Is when I fall in love with you…

When I fall in love

The first time I saw Derek Trent was the night of our senior prom. He stood before me and, while extending his right hand, asked me gently, "Would you like to dance?" I hesitated for a moment, as I looked him over in awe.

He was tall with curly brown hair that had grown long and fallen into his eyes. His complexion was creamy and clear compared to my other male peers, and his kind puppy brown eyes were practically smiling at me. His nose gave him character, the perfect size for his square face. Finally, after seeing the hesitation in my eyes, his raspberry colored lips opened up into an awkward smile. I shook myself out of my daze and grabbed his hand to dance with him, taking note of his perfectly muscular build and how wonderful he looked in his tuxedo. I thought he looked extremely handsome.

We did not speak very much after attempting small talk, and finally we settled into a familiar rhythm. Somehow, without realizing it, we spent the whole night dancing and looking into each other's eyes.

I had been born in the hospital room beside Derek's, and lived next door to him all of my life. We were the best of friends and not a day passed by that we didn't hang out together. Yet, that night, as I danced within the safety of his arms, I realized that I had never seen him as I had that night.

As I reflected upon what exactly had changed about him the music faded away and simply stopped. Derek grinned down at me showing off his stupendous dimples. "We should probably stop dancing," he whispered. I stopped in mid-step, embarrassed at what exactly had occurred, blushing in the most noticeable way.

"Natalie, are you okay? You look weird." Derek's observation only succeeded in making me appear redder than I had originally been.

Just then, I tuned into the speaking voice in the background. "Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: this year's prom king and queen! Fourth runner ups are Andrew Phillips and Rachel McCall." The crowd cheered as I attempted not to gaze over at Derek. His cologne smelled wonderful. I had been standing next to him all night, but I still had not gotten used to its delightful scent. I cheered without much enthusiasm as the rest of the prom court took their paths towards the stage.

"Finally, this year's prom king and queen are the handsome and dazzling Derek Trent, and Natalie Peters." I was still confused by the sound of my name as the spotlight was placed on top of Derek and I.

Suddenly, I was being pulled towards the stage with Derek's hand in mine as the entire gym was filled with catcalls and uproarious cheer. I was prom queen? Was it possible that I, insignificant Natalie, had honestly been elected prom queen?

Derek smiled appreciatively and confidently as his crown and staff were given to him. He looked so handsome at that moment. His brown eyes glowed and he gave me a secret smile that made me feel extremely warm inside. I could only imagine that I appeared flustered but grateful as I smiled into the entire crowd. There, standing beside Derek, I did feel exactly like a queen.

The night dragged on, but in the most wonderful way. Yet, when the final song played, I felt this great sense of disappointment. Angela Mason had caught Derek into her claws and was dancing with him while I was alone by a wall. I had expected to dance with Derek and had denied all dance requests, but there he was with Angela, flirting in the most obvious way. I stood there as they played "When I fall in love", sulking and wishing that I could just go home. Quickly sprinting towards the parking lot I picked up my electric blue dress that matched the color of my eyes. I had designed it and made it myself. It was raining harshly outside and I cursed the fact that my dress and perfectly pinned blond hair would be ruined. My tiara was also threatening to fall off.

I looked around the parking lot realizing that there were so many cars outside, it would probably be a great ordeal to try and find my parking space. I huffed in frustration and set out to find my white Cherokee.

"Natalie, what happened?" I turned around to see Derek racing towards me. "Why are you leaving?"

"It was the last song and I had nobody to dance with anyway." I looked down at my keys, aware that my makeup was probably running down my face.

"Come on, Lee, I saw all those guys going up to ask you. You could have danced with any of them."

I sighed and finally looked him in the eye. "They weren't you." For the second time that night, I felt utterly embarrassed.

Derek gulped, unsure of what to do next. The only sound between us was the drops of water pounding into our skin. "I really wanted to dance the last dance with you too," he whispered. I smiled in disbelief. "You look beautiful tonight Natalie."

I laughed lightly, punching him in the shoulder. "Stop lying," I commanded.

Derek laughed too, then took the hand I had punched him with into his own. "Would you like to dance the last dance?"

I shook my head looking at him. "There's no music anymore."

"Au contraire mademoiselle. You are simply not listening hard enough." The way Derek was looking at me was overly charming and endearing. I relented.

Soon we were twirling around the parking lot with the sound of the rain and the imaginative sound of the last song. I did not realize at which point the heat of his body completely engulfed mine, or when I began to feel as though I was electrified. However, I can vaguely remember how Derek leaned in slowly and cautiously as I moved towards him. Most of all, I remember distinctly the kiss, which was so soft, sweet, and innocent. Yet, my heart beat crazily and when we finally separated, I knew that I would never be the same and that we could never be the same. I looked in his eyes and saw that Derek knew it too.

We simply stared at each other, listening as the night sang like Nat King Cole, allowing the rain surround us in sheets.

"When I fall in love…it will be forever…"