Why do our eyes overflow like riptide every night?

The assonace and the dissonance blind us

Concealing a passion of renewed innocence

You paralyze me, inside and out

"From sorrow to serenity"

We stretch our arms so far to try and reach

During the week when darkness reigns

Only to withdraw loving hands and hiss in tongues

Kisses strung

So far apart

Fortitude failing as frail days grow long

Salvation is present in your emerald eyes

My puzzle has been completed with elegant expertise

As if you've known the patterns all along

But our ritual grows tiresome

And heavy lids are plastered wide with tears

Four months and already we've unsewn our seams?

Does our castle crumble at the slightest breeze?

Throw down your defenses and breathe

In the autumn air, the sacrifice

Of our hearts

Through destruction we find creation

In love and in darkness

We are eternal.