Keri Miyadi

Block D

October 22, 2000

At Random

"Have to keep running, I have to keep running," Sandra chanted the 'mantra' in throaty gasps as her shoes pounded on the dirty street below her. She could hear the footsteps of her attacker, the same person who had killed her family and her best friend. The sixteen-year-old pushed herself harder, forced herself to outrun this mysterious killer who was so willing to destroy her life with a smile. Sandra could only wonder what she had done for this to all happen to her as she continued to run.

She could vividly remember the look on her best friend's face when the police had found his battered corpse. The sheer terror on Alex's face was unforgettable, though his head was no longer attached to his body, or rather, what was left of it.

The brutality of her family's murders only added to the brunette's fears.

Her little brother, Chris, disappeared only five days after Alex's small, sad funeral. After two weeks of searching for the little nine-year-old, he was sent home through the mail in a coffin-like box. He was in seemingly perfect condition, with not one bruise on his angelic, heart-shaped face. But one thing marred his innocent beauty: the hollowness of his already thin face; Chris had been starved to death.

The same day his thin body arrived, Sandra's parents had been burned to death. The dark-haired girl had rushed out of the house, feeling nothing but utter despair, and ran to the only place she could find solitude: Alex's grave. While she was gone, her house had been set on fire and Sandra arrived home just in time to hear her mother and father scream from the sheer agony of being burned alive.

The small girl sped up her already fast pace, distantly aware of the footfalls of her pursuer; odd, they seemed to be in perfect sync with each other.

Cold dread filled her when she realized she had run into a dead end. Why hadn't she realized where she was going BEFORE running into a dark alley?

"Dead end, Ms. Sandra," a female voice remarked, cold amusement in her voice. She sounded strangely familiar, somehow, but the tired high-schooler couldn't place it.

"Are you going to kill me now? Just like you killed everyone else...Alex, Mom, Dad, Chris," Sandra hissed, still facing the wall that blocked her escape. The woman's laughter echoed off the walls, making it seem colder than it already was. That was all Sandra needed to confirm her suspicions; this was the same person who murdered everyone she loved. "What did I ever do to you?" Again, that same cold laugh.

Sandra tensed her shoulder's in anger and whirled around to face the woman. What she saw surprised her: a shrouded figure that was her size, and brown hair that peeked out of the hood and matched her own. She could not see the woman's face; the hood served its purpose well.

"You know, I don't even know you and I hate you. I hate what you stand for: a perfect girl in a perfect life." The voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. As she spoke, the girl pulled a small dagger from her sleeve and advanced toward her target. She attacked and stabbed her victim, pinning her weaker counterpart to the wall, the blade deep in Sandra's throat.

The dying girl hardly noticed; the figure's hoods had fallen off, mid-attack. Unable to move from the wall Sandra raised a bloody hand to trace her attacker's face. "But you're me?" A smirk spread across the 'double's' face. "Or something close to you; You would never hurt anyone," she sneered. "But, you did; 'you' murdered all those you loved. Alex, Chris. . .or at least, that's what they'll believe for the rest of eternity." Sandra's crimson stained hand fell back and the still warm corpse sagged, held up only by the knife plunged deep in her bloodied neck. Two tears streamed down her pale face.

'Sandra' looked up at the dark, star littered sky and walked out of the alley. Her face, Sandra's face, became that of the closest person to it. It kept walking.


AN: Weird, ne? I don't know where I get this stuff. I wrote this out of random stupidity and the movie "X" (a really, really, bloody movie). It doesn't reflect how I feel or think or whatever. It was, like I said, just out of random dumbness and the goriest movie I know (and love ^-^). Ano, don't be freaked out on how I write and stuff, (just remember: chaotic stupidity).