The beginning of the story is a little disgusting. So, it's up to you.


The Case Of Bill Scare

Chapter 1

"Listen pal! Next time you do this on a mission you'll be dead!" I picked my partner up from his collar and slammed him against the wall. My name is Bill Scare. Me and my team have this organization that the cops are after every minute. So, we can't take any chances.

"I'm sorry Bill! I didn't mean for this to happen. But maybe if we had more members on the team, or a better leader!" My partner spit in my face. I put my hand around his throat. I saw how read his face was. He was helpless against a big man like me.

"If you want to live, you'll hold your tongue. Maybe if you couldn't might be better! Twigs, get me my knife!" I called for the biggest member of our group. His muscle was huge, his height was 6'8. He walked over to be with the knife.

"I'm sorry Jake, but anymore mistakes like this that you made, it will be worse!" I hollered at the helpless man against the wall. I took the knife and cut off his tongue. He fell to the ground trying to curse at me. Instead of listening to the funny way he talked, I snapped my fingers. Twigs came over with a chair and hit Jake on the back of the head. Jake was out cold.

"Now, whoever messes up like this again will get the same treatment that Jake just got. Do you understand me?" I stood there looking at my whole team. They were not shocked at all about what I had just done. I was known to do this when I was displeased. My army pants and my black tang top looked good on me. My whole team had the same exact uniform.

"EVERYONE! The cops have taken my ax in. They will probably be looking for finger prints. So we must be more careful than ever. And to be more careful, someone has to go!" I walked over to Jake and I picked him up and bought him to the fire. I dropped him in. The flames rose.

"Everyone! Move out. Rex, Lenny, Tiny, and Tony, you are all coming with me! Get in police uniforms, you are all going to fake policemen while we go into their HQ."

"But, we'll get caught for sure!"

"No we won't Tony. All the police officers are out on a mission for the Mirage 2000 Inc. case. As long as there gone, we can get my ax back!" I said. I snapped my fingers and my team and I moved out. We headed for the police station and we soon arrived.

Chapter 2


The guns fired at the chief of the police station. My team and I ducked behind some desks as two police officers came running in to look at the chief.

"Guys, I know their names! Brad Jezna, and Kasandra Mirez. Just stand up and arrest them for murder of the chief. Got it?" I explained the information to my 4 partners.

"But we murdered them!"

"You idiot! Just do what I say." I said. My partners got up.

"Freeze! Brad Jezna and Kasandra Mirez you are arrested for murder of the chief. Don't make any move." We all got up. My team noticed Brad and Kasandra's guns. They walked over to them and rushed them into a cell in the other room. They came out of the cell room and looked at me.

"So, where are their guns?"

"OOPS! We let them keep them, we forgot! We aren't former police officers like you were Bill. So please-"

"IDIOTS!" I shot at my 4 partners. They were screaming like crazy. I shot them all not killing them. Than I knocked each of them out. I looked around and I found my ax and two daggers. I walked into the prison room and saw Brad and Kasandra trying to escape by a sewer passage.

"Don't even try to escape that way! I'm here now and I'm in the mood for some kill!" I stopped the 2 officers from escaping and I put the daggers in my coat pocket.

"So it was you who attacked Mirage 2000!"

"Nope, I didn't have anything to do with it." I said. I saw Kasandra move behind Brad. "What are you doing?"

"Just getting closer to my partner Bill." Kasandra answered. Their handcuffs fell off. I saw the key fall from Kasandra's hand. THEY MUST HAVE UNLOCKED THE HANDCUFFS THAT MY PARTNERS PUT THEM IN! They drew their guns and stood up.

"FREEZE!" The officers yelled.


Chapter 3

I woke up in the cell that Kasandra and Brad were just in. The door was locked! So, I removed the sewer lid on the floor. There was a ladder that led to the sewers, so I did what I did many times before. I climbed down the ladder and put the sewer lid back over the hole. Well not completely over it, but enough to make people think that it was never moved.

I walked through the sewers noticing rats all around me. I tensed up as I saw a skeleton in the corner of a part of the sewers.

"This wasn't here last time I escaped." I thought. But I just continued to make my way out of the sewers. Than I came to a sudden stop. A man was standing right in front of me.

"Is that, Andrew?"

"Bill? Bill Scare?" I walked up to the man. It was Andrew all right. One of my former criminals I used to commit crime with. Than I snapped back into attention. I took out the two daggers that were in my pocket. Andrew drew his gun.

"You traitor leaving my group! I should kill you right now!" I yelled at my former partner. He just laughed and threw the daggers at me.


The Ending

I know the ending of this story is very corny, but that's what happens. Anyway, I hope you like it. All that happens is that Andrew kills Bill and that's it. Maybe I'll think about making a story about what happens to the rest of Bill's gang now that Bill's gone. I don't know yet, but I'll keep it in mind. If you think I should, e-mail me at coolkidjeff