She was a girl bathed in words,
Bled from many a man's pen
Red letters surrounding her
Capturing her soul
I was the first one
A space that soon followed

Dipping a pen in the ink
It flows over the side
A deep crimson red
The second man didn't know
He was getting in too deep
The first man left a hint
Written on her skin
The second didn't see it
Cause the writing was so small

So on he went and wrote
He looked at her and smiled
He didn't see the look that was
Written all over her face
She had a melancholy smile
A timid little gaze
Feeling she was getting somewhere
Not knowing where that was

Then the new one took a pen
And opened the lid to his ink
He dipped the metal rod
Within the red
And wrote a word that scarred her skin

Beside the I of first love's kiss
Was writ the word of fury's scorn
I was the first that carved the skin
Her fairness broken by the stain of pain
The second was worse
He did not come to realize
And dug the pen in deeper
For lack of better knowledge
He bathed her with the blood

Love was the second word
Its letters cut too deep
They were written all across her chest
And showed within her heart
The blood dripped slowly down her fair
And clothed her with a robe
She felt nothing from the outside
Oblivious to the world
The cloak it cut off all her ties
To those it wanted out
Her soul it cried for solitude
Her body craved no more
She felt her mind withdraw again
This time it was worse

Bathed in words she became, again
Hurt and covered with blood
No more did she think she'd trust again
But fall trap she did, once more
Third coaxed her out, removed her cloak
He ignored the warning words
The etched letters didn't scare him
Lust covered his blindsided gaze

But soon he had cause to write a letter
And once more ignored the words
The blood dripped down her hair and skin
Her eyelashes spread against her cheek
Leaving a bloody print of a fan
She gazed with such a blank stare
That only one with lost innocence has
At the letter in her hand
And soon another word became
Etched across her chest

So now we have an I, a love
What was the word she saw?
You was writ across her skin
When pull back the cloak she did
The blood it dripped
From the newly fresh wound
And this one it cut to the bone
It hit her life and bled more than 'fore
She lay on her bed and cried
The blood poured forth
It stained her sheets
And forever the words will stay there

It's the last time her starless gaze
Will ever touch the ceiling
The last her veins will flow
The cloak it wrapped around, again
The blood it settled down

Bathed in words, she was a girl
The men that wrote them, she had once loved
But now the cloak forever blocks life
On both sides they keep her
From everything
I love you was death
It created the cloak
The blood it flowed down
And kept her body safe