October 7, 2005

.15 days later.

She looks at her wrists, unaware,

Feeling so confused.

Just seeing the red,

She's so easily amused.

There's a knock on the door.

So she covers her wound.

A tear falls,

As her mom enters the room.

The warm is seeping through her shirt.

She looks away,

Feeling so much hurt.

Her mom says "just checking in"

Sees the knife,

Not knowing where it's been.

She looked down then looked away,

Her mom still stands.

She had nothing to say.

A tear entered her mom's eye.

She left the room

And began to cry.

The next day they were on their way.

They were finally going.

This was finally the day.

She didn't think she would make it through the night.

Her eyeliner was running,

As her scars were in sight.

She was addicted to the blade.

She loved it so,

She liked the marks it made.

She kept her eyes on the road.

It was a nightmare, as a third tear falls,

Her body stuck in silent mode.

She realized that the room was cold.

She smelled something,

Soon knowing that it was mold.

"Take me home. Away from here"

She said slowly

And softly

She was wrapped up her own fear.

There was something holding her back from all the tears.

She knew,

It was from crying after all these years.

All this was already paid for.

She could smell your perfume

When you walked in the door.

You looked her deep in the eyes

"Why are you here?"

She puts her hands between her thighs.

You could sense her fear.

She began to cry.

You ignore the tear.

"You need to talk, or you'll never get out"

She looked up,

And felt the need to shout.

"I hate you, I hate you all"

She took your pen

And threw it against the wall.

Fifteen days later after saying goodbye

She no longer felt the need to cut and die.