A/N- yeah…I was just in one of those moods. Personally, I think it sucks, but my boyfriend loves it, and has been bugging me to post it so…yeah. Enjoy.

For the Love of a Sombrero

(And Then the World Blew Up)

There once was a mighty sombrero named Bob

With a girlfriend hat named Mary Sue.

Over time, Bob discovered his girl was a snob,

So he left her to find someone new.

The sombrero assumed that his search would be tough,

As he knew winning hearts was no breeze,

But his colors were bright, and his rim strong enough

To attract a nice she-hat with ease.

So one day in the hot muggy market of Spain,

Bob was shyly admiring the view

Of a dancer flamenco-ing straight through the lane

And adorning her foot was a shoe.

How the luster that gently embellished the shoe

Sent thrills down Bob's tassels of green!

And the way the shoe danced, and the looks that she drew…!

Bob knew he just had to be seen.

So he stood close at hand while the shoe passed him by

And looked longingly into her eyes.

And the shoe, she looked back and she grinned with a sigh,

And so, much to the country's demise,

The shoe and sombrero were happy at hand,

For they both loved each other, you see.

But this was against all the laws of the land,

So, from the land, they had to flee.

Together, they traveled through toil and time

To the beautiful city of Rome;

They traveled 'till they had but only a dime,

Yet, wherever they were, they were home.

...And then the world blew up.