Samantha Angelo (I'm going to call her Sam) woke up with a groan to the sound of the lawn mower. She was about to get ready for school when she remembered that it was a Saturday. She walked downstairs drowsily. She found a note stuck on to the fridge saying:
" Hey darling, your dad and I are at the airport to pick up aunt Rena. Have a bath and your breakfast and you can go out and have fun.
Sam smiled to herself and rang up Nick Hunt, her longtime boyfriend. The phone rang about twenty minutes before she hung up. "Hmmm, that's strange, nick's always at home," she mused. She decided to go over to Nick's house. She walked the few blocks which separated her and Nick. When she got there, the front door was open. She walked in timidly and called out, "Nick?" Sam let out a shrill shriek when she saw Nick. His face was torn and bloody, scratch marks everywhere. One of his eyes had been gouged out and was hanging to his eye socket by a thin tread kind of thing. Sam ran out and called the police from Nick's neighbour's house after she had calmed herself down. The police got there in two minutes and found Sam dead, on the floor, next to Nick. The neighbor said that Sam had gone back to the house to be with Nick.
Maria Smith cried out in horror as she read the front page of the newspaper.
" Teenage girl found dead, next to her dead boyfriend, after calling the police."
Samantha Angelo, her best friend, was dead. That was very hard to believe. After the funeral, Maria went back home, sniffling all the way. Unknown to her, a hooded figure hid behind the trees and chuckled to himself when he saw her...he took of his robe and walked to Maria's house. Maria stiffened when the doorbell rang. To her relief, it was only Jason, her boyfriend. But much to her surprise, he brought out a small silver pistol and dragged her to the garage. He then confessed that he had murdered Nick and Sam. Maria was horrified but more so confused as to why Jason was telling her this. As if he could read her mind, he told her that he was planning to kill her as well.
Maria asked him what she had done to him and he replied with a laugh, " you and the ninny, Nick were dating behind my and Sam's backs." Maria asked him that why he had murdered Sam then. He told her that Samantha had chickened out from killing Nick as she had promised him that she would. So, he had killed Sam as well. At the end of this whole confession, Maria started laughing hysterically. She told him that she was the one who had murdered both of them and that she had brainwashed him. Jason then brought out a small tape recorder and gestured to it and said, "guess what this is?" Maria looked at the tape recorder in disbelief and lunged at him. Thankfully before she could do anything to him,
The police arrived and handcuffed Maria. Jason explained that Maria had a mental problem and violent jealous episodes before. Maria was jealous of Samantha and accordingly had laid a well- devised plan to kill her. Unfortunately, the plan had involved killing Sam's loved one which was in fact the object of Maria's affection. Anyway, she managed to kill both of them but never thought to kill Samantha properly. She was alive. She had told Jason everything. Right after that, she died.

In the Oaktown courtroom, Maria was charged with first-degree murder and meanwhile, in the dense forest of Oaktown, voices could be heard,
" Hey Jason, you are one smart cookie. Great job, framing poor innocent Maria for two murders"
" Ya man, I know, now no one will ever find out that we had committed the murders of the bitch and that bastard"

The end

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