Summary: What happens when you are stuck with the three class clowns and have to write a clever three paragraph story . . . in 45 minutes.

Note: My English teacher forced us into groups and I got stuck with the three class clowns, so I'm not taking all the credit here. Thanks Dan, Russ, and Joe! We really had to write this in 45 minutes because we spent the first day deciding how to start this. We finished after the bell rang and I decided to post it on her just for laughs.


I arrived at the scene of the demented murder; it was 11:37 on a Sunday night. It's the first time I've seen a homicide like this since the Pinky Crisis of 1974 (yes folks, you read that right!). There I stood in front of the ghostly corpse, his dismembered pinky finger and toe not but five feet away.

Back in 1974, Ned Scottston hacked off a total off 344 pinkies and pinky toes in a span of just two months! He had recently escaped from jail, and the city was on edge. I murmured to myself, "He couldn't possible be killing so soon." However, I knew I was lying to myself; no other sick freak could be capable of committing such a heinous crime.

My mind was racing to figure out where he could have gone or if he had gone anywhere at all. A man in tattered clothes came from behind me and questioned,

"So, are you going to catch this guy?"

"I promise." I replied firmly. Then the man looked me in the eye with a slight smirk and asked,

"Pinky swear?"


Can you guess what grade we got on it?