Dear Diary,

Today is September 10, 2005. I found out I'm pregnant this morning. I'm so scared because I'm only 15. David is in BC and won't know for a while. I'm just glad I have my mom, Charlie, Alison, Gregory, and Moira. I know they will all help me. I just feel so bad for getting them all involved in this. I never meant for this to happen.

I expected much different reactions from everyone. I expected my mom to get angry and maybe cry or something. She just hugged me and said it would be okay. She even said I didn't have to worry about a job for now. Charlie said he wouldn't leave me, even though we've only really known each other for a week and been dating for a day. Moira lashed out at Charlie. I had expected her to just cry and tell me everything would be okay. She's usually the calm and collected one. I didn't expect anything from Charlie's parents. Alison was the one to buy my the test and go with me to see the results. She was the first to say they would all be there. I even talked to Greg later on, and he hugged me. I've never even met him before! I feel so happy to have all these loving people surrounding me.

I'm worried about school. I don't know if I'm going to miss a lot of classes or if rumors are going to start. I don't care what people think of me, I just know that if rumors start Charlie will get the blame, and I don't want that to happen to him. He had to leave his school in BC because he got blamed for something that never even happened.

Maybe I should tell David. He does deserve to know. It's his fault for not calling me after he moved. He deserves this.

I'm so scared…


Dear Diary,

This morning Violet found out she's pregnant. When she told me I couldn't think properly and I yelled at Charlie. I realized after what a big mistake that was. I should have been hugging him and thanking him because a home pregnancy test wouldn't be able to tell in less than a week. I should have been thanking him because he was still with Violet even though it is David's baby. David's going to pay for this. Not that he knew when he moved, but he never called her and he broke his promise. He will pay…


Dear Diary,

I accidentally spent the night at Violet's house last night and when I woke up Violet was in her bathroom crying. I hate seeing her cry so I went and comforted her. She flipped out and left her house in her pajamas. She was determined to walk to a clinic. I took her to my house instead and my mom bought her a test. She's pregnant. I think she thought I wouldn't love her because she pregnant with her ex-boyfriends baby. He lives in BC now and I do love her. I told her I could never leave her several times but I don't think she believed me until after the test results and I kissed her. Then she calmed down considerably.

Moira yelled at me when she found out. I'm just glad Violet was there or else I night have a black eye or a few broken bones or something.

Of course everything is okay now though. She told her mom and everyone is okay. Including her, but I think she's still scared. She has a reason to be though, she is only 15. I want to be there for her because I don't want to see her hurt, or scared, or sad, or struggling. I want her to be happy.


A/N This is just something I thought would be cool to do. It just kind of goes more in depth with what the three characters thought about all this. Hope you enjoyed this little short.