The darkness in my soul that you seem to light up seems so close that can I just touch it, yet it's thousands of miles away from my blackened life. You're the light which only angels need, yet the lord has forgot thy sweet name and has sent tribulation upon your calm soul; your gentle embrace seems something I can only dream of, it's warmth almost forbidding to me. I am not worthy of your care, you captivate the lords by the way you just seem to fill in the spaces of broken photos; my damned soul sways with just your glance, my mind is lost with out you. You're the only thing I've ever needed yet I block you from myself, it's tormenting my abyss of a mind; this undying love for you is unseen to mortals. The longing I have to have you next to me, to hold you, to let you know of my feelings shall never leave my cursed mouth.