Author: Bahlovkarizma

Title: Empathy

Warnings: Nothing too bad but it will be m/m later on, so you can read until then, it does not reach that point until probably the third chatper.

Summary: Draven Winters has an odd ability, when he touches people he sees the worst things they have ever done. His father uses his ability to make his money, what happens when he crosses the wrong people and they take Draven out of revenge?

Afterthought: Please R&R, please! puppy dog eyes I know this one is short, so sue me :), I'm getting going I promise.

"Anything else?" my dad asked glaring at me over his glasses.

"No father," I said wearily, feeling drained. My father looked at his assistant and the mousy man stood and left the room. Steepling his fingers, he leaned back in his chair and looked at a point on the wall.

"I have a couple of people I want you to meet tomorrow." I tried to supress the shudder, I knew the shakes were coming, they always did when I was done "reading" someone.

"Is that all?" I asked after a few moments of silence, trembling.

"You can go," my father said, waving his hand and I stood up. I made my way shakily out of the room and turned left, heading towards my wing of the huge house. I wish I could say my dad made his money ligitimately, but he doesn't and I'm one of his pawns. I had an ability that made me hate touching anyone; every time I did, I would see the worst things they have ever done. Now a lot of the time, there was nothing, but then there are alot of evil people in thie world. You wouldn't believe what some of the people out there have done, maybe you would. I finally reached my room and leaned against the wall for a moment before pushing the door open and walking in, the shaking so bad by now I could barely walk. Falling onto my large bed I curled into a ball, I wished my mom were still alive, she protected me, but my father had killed her in a drunken rage two years ago and I was now defenseless against the monster. The phone rang and I turned over, staring at it wondernig if I should answer. Sighing I pulled myself up and answered the phone.

"Hello?" I asked, wishing I could keep the shaking out of my voice.

"Draven?" a female voice asked and I sighed.

"Hey Rain," I replied, her real name was Brooklyn, don't ask me how I came up with Rain, but I thought it fit. She alsoknew about my "ability" and so being able to talk to someone helped me get through the rough spots.

"Shit, did he use you again?" she asked, her voice sounded angry.

"Yeah and I'm needed tomorrow too," I said bitterly.

"Damn it Rave, we need to get you out of there," she said and I couldn't agree more.

"Look, can I cut this short and see you tomorrow at school?" I asked, my whole body clenched, fighting the tremors.

"Ok, luv, I'll talk to you tomorrow," she said, and I could hear the sadness in her voice.

"Bye," I said and turned the phone off and dropped it on the ground, wrapping my arms around my middle and close my eyes.