By: Josh St. Louis

Character list



Servant of Portia




Mother of Gratiano

Lord Valulet, also known as Lord V

Servant of Lord Valulet

Lord Valulet's guards


Servant of Shylock




The Rialto

We begin at the end of Act 4 and act the start of act 5.

ACT 5:


(Nerissa and Portia return to Belmont.)

Nerissa: Oh, woe is me!

Portia: Woe? We have defeated the slimy dirt digger.

Nerissa: My love Gratiano! He gave my ring away!

Portia: But you yourself took it from him.

(Trumpets sound off, servant to Portia enters)

Servant: Bassanio, Antonio and Gratiano at twelve o'clock! Bassanio, Antonio and Gratiano at twelve o'clock!

Nerissa: But it is midday. Oh how I woe!

Servant: You must stay calm… wait! I see… I see… a girl with them!

(Enter Antonio, Bassanio, Gratiano, and the girl)

Nerissia: Gratiano! You filthy dog! No, words can't describe you! You filthy pig! You filthy rat! You go off, after promising me love, and then you bring prostitutes home! I'm leaving you Gratiano!

Gratiano: Wait my love, you are wrong! This is my mother.

Nerissa: Oh! You're a charming lady and your son is the best husband I've ever had.

Gratiano: She is deaf and cannot hear you.

Nerissa: That's good, because between you and me; I think she needs a bath.


(In the rialto, enter Shylock and Lord Valulet)

Shylock: I have returned, your highness.

Lord V: You have failed, Shylock.

Shylock: I am sorry.

Lord V: I want the merchant dead, Shylock.

Shylock: I will not fail you this time.

Lord V: You have better not, Shylock for your sake. If he is not back here by next week, I shall see to it personally that a pound of your flesh is taken from your head!

(Shylock exits, Servant to Lord V. enters)

Servant: What will happen?

Lord V: He will fail me, just like he always does.

Servant: Then why do you keep him around?

Lord V: He is my brother. I cannot kill my own flesh and blood.

Servant: What should I do?

Lord V: I want a bounty on Antonio. 10,000 ducats, dead or alive. He has been doing illegal business for too long and needs to be stopped. Venice is a place of business, not a place for thieves and gamblers.

Servant: I shall post a notice.

Lord V: You shall take Shylock's place as my right hand man.

Servant: Thank you, Lord.


(At Belmont; Enter Bassaino, Gratiano, Antonio, Nerissa, Portia, and the mother.)

Portia: Where are Lorenzo and Jessica?

Antonio: I cannot find them.

Gratiano: Perhaps they have run off.

Portia: My love? Do you know where they are?

Bassaino: They ran off to Paris.

(Enters servant to Shylock, followed by Shylock behind him.)

Servant: Announcing the arrival of the most hated man in history! The descendant to the Jesus-killers, the Spit- tray, the J-E-W, SHYLOCK!

Bassaino: (Grabs the servant by his shirt) Who sent you?

Servant: Ahh… Wait, here comes my master!

Bassaino: (tightens his grip) Why are you here? (Pulls out a knife)

Shylock: Put him down.

Portia: Shylock?

Shylock: That is my name. I am here to help you. Antonio is in grave danger.

Servant: Put me down!

Bassaino: Tell us about Antonio, Shylock, or your toilet-cleaner gets it!

Shylock: You can kill him.

Bassaino: Don't mind if I do.

Antonio: Bass! Put him down! No man in this house shall be killed. Well, I guess since he is a Jew, he counts as a female. You can kill him.

Portia: Wait! No man or woman gets killed in this house!

Bassaino: Can we beat him?

Nerissa: No, put him down. Shylock, why are you here? (Bassaino puts him down)

Shylock: A bounty has been places on Antonio. Dead or Alive.

Antonio: You set me up! (He grabs the servant)

Shylock: For God's sake! Stop grabbing my servant! That's my good shirt he's wearing! Grab him by the throat.

Antonio: You have your wish.

(Enters a strange character named Gorg. Smoke appears upon his presence.)

Gorg: I am here to claim my prize.

Bassaino: What prize?

Gorg: Portia is my prize. I want to pick the right chest to win her hand in marriage.

Bassaino: Portia, go to our room upstairs, I will deal with this guy. (Portia exits)

Gorg: My name is Bassaino.

Bassaino: I don't know who you are, but you better leave now!

Gorg: I'm not Bassaino, you are right, (pulls out a knife) I am here to claim my bounty of 10,000 ducats and personally I don't care if I bring it there dead or alive.

Antonio: Oh No!

Servant: Shylock! Tell him to put me down!

SCENE 4 (Portia enters her room alone, crying)

Portia: I can't take this anymore! (Opens a draw and pulls out bottle with a potion inside) Is this the answer? My father has cursed me! (Opens the bottle) Should I drink it? I can't decide! Bassaino! Bassaino! My love…good…bye…


(Back downstairs where Gorg, Antonio, Bassaino, Gratiano, the mother, Nerissia, Shylock, and Shylock's servant quarrel.)

Antonio: Take me away!

Servant: Can you put me down first?

Bassaino: I shall come with you Antonio! (Antonio smacks servant)

Mother: (pulling out cuffs) Lord Valulet shall be pleased!

Gratiano: Shut up! You are not supposed to hear or say anything, remember?

Antonio: You were in this Grat? Like…Like a spy?

Nerissia: Oh woe is me! (She faints.)

Servant: I am a trained doctor, if you put me down, I can help her.

Antonio: (Puts her down) So be it (Spits on the servant and gives Shylock a nasty look.)

Servant: (pulls out a potion) This will help.

Nerissia: (awakes) True love has found me. Marry me oh gentle Jew. What be thy name?

Servant: Hataino be my name. Come, we must run off, let us go to France.

Nerissia: I do not speak the language.

Hataino: I do. Let's go, we are not involved in this quarrel.

Nerissia: Since I only knew Antonio through Grat, I no longer know Grat, so I no longer know Antonio. Good-bye filthy Christians! (They exit)

Antonio: Take me away.

Bassaino: I am going too.

Gorg: (Aside to mother) Great! The Lord shall be pleased! Two for one special!

(They exit)

SCENE 6: (In the Rialto, enter Gorg, Lord V, his guards, the mother, Antonio, Bassaino, Gratiano, and Shylock)

Lord V: Good work Shylock. You will be promoted. Guards, see to it that Shylock is hung. He is no longer needed. (Antonio and Bassaino burst out in laughter)

Shylock: Why you lying pig, how dare you, you are not a man, you are a zebra. You cannot decide if you want to be black or white, so you chose to be a striped! I hope you burn!

Lord V: Take this eyesore out of my sight.

Guard 1: Aye eye captain!

Guard 2: You're in luck Shylock, we just got new ropes. You will be the first to be hung on the new ropes. What an honor.

Guard 1: Yep, you will go down in history! (Both guards break out in laughter)

Shylock: I tried to warn you Antonio! Save me! Don't worry! Some one will save you! I am truly sorry Bassaino! (He is taken away)

Lord Valulet: Antonio and Bassaino, you are being tried with dealing illegal goods and smuggling, which leads to death. So by the power invested in me, I hereby sentence both of you to be slit at the throats and hung until dead!

(Woman wearing dark cloak enters)


Lord V: Who be you?

Woman: I am Portia; I have come to arrest you.

Lord Valulet: Under whose authority?

Portia: Mine. I have a secret that I have been hiding since birth. I am an Arabian princess. By the power investing in me, I hereby sentence you to be hung until dead! Guards! Take this man away!

Guard 1: Two hangings in one day!

Guard 2: YES!

Bassaino: My love, how can I ever repay you?

Portia: Take me to France.

Bassaino: We leave tomorrow!

Portia: Antonio: Take a knee.

Antonio: As you wish.

Portia: Antonio, I dub thee knight. You are no longer a smuggler. Bassaino, you may have Antonio's job.

Antonio: Thank you milady.

Bassaino: What will become of our former friend Grat?

Portia: He ran off with Gorg and the mother.

Antonio: I swear on Shylock's grave that some day I shall seek vengeance. Gorg and that lady will pay. I will personally see to it that Grat will be hung. I will personally see to it that I spit on him when he is hung. I will throw rocks at him and make sure he suffers and goes to Hell! I swear on Shylock's grave that I will not sleep until I take a pound of Grat's flesh and bring it to Shylock's grave!