Maxwell: This is going to be one of the weirdest stories I've ever written. Not because they're gay (of course it's not that…) it's the characters. They will be based off real people (lol-I get to play a gay guy!), so…yeah. Very odd, but still…

Dedicated to you Aaron: It's weird, turning myself into a boy and turning you gay…odd, but fun! Thanks for letting me use ya, it'll make it easier, and for helping me write it. Can't wait to work with you again!

Spiffy Info:

Warnings: This is based on real people, though the events are fictional (just inspired by actual events)-mention of rape, suicide, abuse (in later chapters).

Music: Yes, I broke down and started listening to the Backstreet Boys© and no, I'm not embarrassed…you have no idea how much listening to them helped write this…Gods, it takes me back though… XD

(Instead of a saying, I have a poem): Helpless© By: chibi suppi©….yes, I stole your poem for this!

About this chapter: This is the first chap. of a long (I hope) story…it'll be the prologue which starts where the story ends…please, if you find yourself confused, feel free to let me know.

Just for the record: This is FICTIONAL. If it really happened, do you think, I, would have access to such information? Hell no. No one would even think of giving me a glance. So no, this isn't real. If you are offended by what is to happen…please go. I hate being told not to write what I don't know… And the characters/settings/plot/etc. are mine. Amazing isn't it?

Never Say Good-bye…


I remember when saying 'I love you' was the hardest thing to do. Now saying good-bye has taken its place. I can't seem to get the words out, choking on them as if poison. I just sit next to you, gripping your hand firmly in my own, stroking your fingers gently with my thumb. You smile at me, the best you can, grasping weakly. I feel my throat tighten, almost unable to breathe.

"I love you," I whisper quietly. "Don't forget, okay?"

You smile gently, nodding slightly. Your eyelids fall heavy over your red eyes. I brush away your white bangs, they still feel as soft as the first time I touched them. You turn your head away, hating them. I pout, trying hard not to break down from the little bit of rejection.

"Anthony…" I rest my head on your stomach, staring up at you. "Can I cut some off? A personal keepsake, you know?"

"Why?" you ask, your voice so weak…I can't even hear your accent, the one I love so much. "I don't want you to remember me, not like this."

"It'll make me remember other times," I tell you. "Like when we first met…"

"Why would you want to remember that?" You laugh gently. "I was such an ass back then,"

"You're still an ass," I inform you. "But hey, nothing wrong with it. I kinda like it."

You laugh, it triggers a coughing fit. "You're a pervert, you know that?"

I smile, brushing away blonde hair. "And this happen been a problem since when?" You start to laugh again, easing back into your pillow. "Oh man…nurse-man will be in to kick me out." I twitch my face a bit, annoyed. "Guess I should get going for now…so, can I?"

"Yes, Seth." I smile, almost giddy like. You sit up, almost painfully. "From the back, it's longer back there."

I stroke it gently, admiring the silkiness. You quietly growl. "Okay, okay…" I take a good inch or so, snipping it off. "Thanks," I put in a Ziploc© baggy I'd been carrying around. "Now rest up," I kiss your forehead softly. "And I'll see you tomorrow after school okay?"

You nod, lying back on the mattress. "Seth," you say softly. "I love you."

My throat tightens again, my eyes burning with tears. "I-I love you too." I say, biting back the hurt. "Tomorrow okay?"

"Yeah," you wave tiredly. "Good-bye."

"Don't say that," I smile. "Never say good-bye."

Not now, not ever… Good-bye is forever…

I head right home after school. I rip off my uniform, quickly changing into my clothes. Heavy duty pants with zippers, chains, hand cuffs…the works! I remember when I first got these, you called me a poser, and I socked you in the face…such an evil memory.

I grab my book-bag, prepared to do my homework at your bedside as you rest. I'm still mad you made me agree to that! Spending time with you was meant to mean no homework…I'd rather look over your sleeping form instead of an English essays any day. But a promise is a promise…

As I get ready to make my way out the door, the phone rings. I curse under my breath. Who is against me?! Can't even get to you without someone trying to stop me. I don't even check the caller I.D. as I lift the phone from the receiver.

"Hello?" I ask. It's your mother. "Oh, hey Mrs.-" I freeze. "What? Whe-?" I can feel my body sliding to the floor. "Yes, yes…I understand…thanks…Good-bye."

I can't even hang up, letting the phone lay next to me on the ground. I don't know when it started, but the tears suddenly ran down my cheeks, my face twisting in pain. I curl up as I scream out. The pain inside hurts so much I can't even bear it. I just want to die…I want to be with you.

"Why!?" I shout. "Why!? I never…I never even said good-bye!" I slam my fist to the ground. "I hate you, you bastard! You weren't supposed to leave yet! I never said good-bye! You lied to lied to me!"

I lay on the cold floor, crying to myself. I wanted you to go peacefully, and that's what you got…but you weren't supposed to go yet. You promised me, you said you'd wait to say good-bye until there was no hope…there was still hope. No…there wasn't hope. You wouldn't lie to me like that.

You got to say your good-byes…not like me…

I never said good-bye…

-End Prologue-

Maxwell: Well, that's the start…man. I had so much trouble typing this up. Um, just to clear this up… Anthony is based off my friend Aaron who, in real life, is HIV positive (but not from unsafe sex) and Seth is based off myself. Very odd…but this story is fictional for the most part. A bit odd, but it's something new for me…I hope this finds some bit of success. - Reviews are welcomed…Hell, flames even. Thanks.