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Never Say Good-Bye…

-Chapter Two-

Because I Can

"You two may go in now," the woman behind the desks nods to the door behind her. "And behave."

Yeah, right. Behave. Tell that to Ruby over here. We both stood up, sneaker covered feet trudging across the ground. We drag ourselves into the room, accidentally brushing each other every five steps, sending a threatening glare. I don't know how we made it in without breaking anymore skin.

"Take your seats boys," the principle tells us, her eyes not leaving the documents in front of her. "Let's see, who do we have today?" She reads over the files, a sneer quirking in the corner of her lip. "Ah, welcome back Mr. Stone." She folds her hands over each other, placing them on the desk. "I guess it just wouldn't be a school day without a visit from you."

I glance over out of the corner of my eye, watching blood rush to his cheeks as his eyes look to the carpeted floor. He fumbles a bit, uncomfortable by the remark. Seems he's well known around these parts, I wonder if it has something to do with his good looks? Hm, that was almost tasteless.

"And you're the new boy, Seth Marks, correct?"

New boy? Oh, what a catchy title! She's a professional!

"Yes ma'am," I murmur.

"It seems there was a little brawl in the school yard this morning, is that correct?" she tapped her pen to the desk top; its constant clicking was rather annoying.

"Yes ma'am," I replied again.

"May I ask who stared it?"

Her eyes automatically bearing down onto Anthony. Oh yeah, he's well known in these parts. She waited for a confession, but he wasn't talking. Not at the least. She sat back in her chair, folding her arms over her chest as she shot dirty gazes back and forth. Well I've got news for you lady, you're not the least bit intimidating, and you're trying to hard.

I began to examine the walls, my interest lost. Neither of us was going to speak up anytime soon. We had too much pride that makes us stubborn. And stubborn was my middle name. I casually look at the pictures on her shelves, pictures of her at 'happier' times. Looking at her expressions then and the one she graced now…you could see the difference.

"You two may go for now," she suddenly griped. "Get a pass from the front desk and go to class."

She didn't need to tell us twice. The moment she dismissed us, we were up and out. No questions asked. It wasn't until we were climbing the hideous, spackled staircase did we start making noise again.

"Why didn't you say anything?" he asked. "I'm not afraid of the consequences."

I stopped. Why hadn't I said anything? This jerk, after all, did give me a black eye. He told me to go back because I wasn't wanted. He pretty much let me know how he felt in a nut shell, I had the chance to spill it all, and yet I just sat there and stared. Why didn't I say it?

"It's not that big a deal," I shrugged. "It was just a stupid fight. Plus, I'm not wanting to get into any trouble. This is only my second day mind you."

He cringed as I spoke. What was that about? "Forget I asked," he told me. "Your voice is…eh."

Eh? What's eh?! "My voice? At least I don't sound like a pint sized Hitler!" I snapped. That was a slap to the face. "And if you really want me to, I'll go back and tell her, I don't care."

"Why didn't you in the first place?" he snapped. "If you knew I was going to come back and start over again, you should've spoken up then!"

This seemed to bug him…a lot. Maybe he was some kind of masochist (well, at this age, it was hard to tell) that liked being yelled at and humiliated. That or his pride was hurt since he wasn't able to give his side of the story. That had to be it! He liked to tell people how he felt after he beat down half the school!

"Are you going to say something or not?" his German accent was rather bold, very strong.

I simply smirked as I climbed the last few steps. He waited, his eyes burning into the back of my head with each step. I heard the first recess bell ring as I turned to him. I smiled cockily, my eyes parted. "Because I can." I told him before walking into my class.

Ah recess, not exactly the highlight of my day, yet I felt inspired to be independent; standing up to "Ruby" left me quite refreshed. Instead of following around the small group, I ventured out on my own, to explore the sandy depths of the playground. And when I look back, I'm glad I did.

"Hey, you're name is Seth, right?" a familiar, yet unknown voice beckoned.

Looking over my shoulder, I see the other two kids from my table. Um…what were their names again? "Yeah," I reply, embarrassed from my loss of knowledge. "Nice to…see you?"

"What are you up to?" the dark skinned girl asked. "Why aren't you with your other friends?"

"They're not my friends," I growl yet she is still smiling at me. "Can I go now?"

"Don't you want to hang out?" the short, shaved-headed, boy asks. "You seem kinda sad."

I do? I don't know I'd never exactly been what you'd call 'people friendly' so… "I'm not sad, just, I don't know…" I simply shrugged as I look at the sand.

"So, do you want to hang out or not?" he asked again, a bit irate this time.

Screw you too! Gods, if you people want to hang out, why do you get annoyed so easily? I simply glared. "Not if you're going to be like that."

My comment seemed to catch him off guard. "Like what?"

"A stubborn ass." I remarked. Little did I know it'd have some consequences.

"You're not a loud to say that!" his female accomplice gasped.

"I just did," I told her, not realizing how sarcastic it seemed (at least, at the current time).

They both just stared at me, shocked it seemed. Who was I to be getting away with such attitude? But at this age, I didn't think like that. I assumed after two minutes of stale silence, something was wrong.

"What?" I asked.

The young male started laughing as he dropped from the bar; he walked over to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "You're funny, Seth," he shook his head. "And crazy too."

"O…kay," I wasn't sure what he was getting at, but whatever. "…do you need something?"

"Come on," he took me over to the monkey bars. "You can chill with me and Carmen."

Carmen? Oh yeah, that's her name! "Okay, um…" I looked him up and down, that always helped jog my memory, checking a person out (nowadays it all seems rather flirtatious). "Johnny."

"You remembered my name!" he seemed excited by that. "I thought you'd forgotten,"

"Forget?" I asked. "How could I forget? I mean, we're…friends after all, right?" It seemed that's what he'd meant earlier.

"Of course we're friends so," he called Carmen over. "Let's do something!"

"Crap! We're so late!" Johnny whipped his arms around, like any other overly-active second grader. "Hurry or we'll burn!" He feigned an unknown foreign accent, and drawled on the last word, which I found highly amusing. "Do you mock me?"

"Maybe," I told him.

"Oh really? And why is that?"

"Because I can."

"It's because you're a freak John-John," Carmen spoke. "Just go!" She shoved him up the last few steps just as the last bell rang. "Crap!"

The three of us picked up our pace, running rapidly towards the door. Just as we reached it, Mrs. Beverly came from the next door classroom. Busted.

"You two are late as usual," she looked over surprised to see me. "I should've known you'd drag him into your posse." She laughed her sweet, motherly laugh. "Now I'll have the three of you to handle. Come on, before you find yourself in trouble."

I was the last to get through since my new friends started a slap war in the middle of the doorway. I just laughed as Carmen popped the short boy upside his head, breaking into a fit of Puerto Rican. As I waited for them to move, I realized I was being watched. Looking over, I saw Anthony. His right eye was now bruised; a large cut ran through it.

My mouth opened in question but I decided not to touch the subject. I looked away for a spilt second, hearing a crash come from the classroom. When I realized it was just Johnny knocking the chairs over, I turned my attention back to where Anthony once stood.


Go figure.

But I guess that was fine. I didn't really care; after all, he hit me! But then again, I never hit his face (I'd never scar it, even when I hated him) so…eh. I'm looking too much into it. I simply walked into my class and that was that. I never saw him again…

Or at least, that's what I'd like to believe. Why you ask?

-Because I Can-

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