I'd love to own a sailboat
And drift upon the sea
On sunny afternoons when the
Horizon calls to me

I'd set off in the afternoon
When all was warm and bright
The sun high in the deep blue sky
And not a cloud in sight

The water would be crystal clear
A mirror of the sky
Yet sparkling so that one would think
That jewels were floating by

A cool refreshing breeze would blow
The songs of birds would ring
And in reply the waves would dance
And even start to sing

Of blissful days in ancient times
When life was free from care
On floating castles people lived
And music sounded there

No matter what the time of day
Sweet melodies were played
And happy were the heavens with
The tunes that humans made

The sun shone long so that it seemed
That summer had no end
The soothing warmth and golden light
Was everybody's friend

When sunlight finally wandered west
And Night formed in the east
Then people laughed and danced and sang
And ate at merry feasts

They took no notice of the time
They did not need to rest
So even Night seemed warm and bright
And echoed with their jests

Their voices, full of mirth and joy
Rose to the moon and stars
Which waved to them and told them tales
And sang songs from afar

While people's hearts were filled with awe
The sea began to glow
Then from its depths, the mermaids jumped
And put on quite a show

Their hair flowed out into the breeze
Their tails glittered bright
And in their hands were glassy jewels
They threw them to the Night

Then silence fell for brand new stars
Were twinkling in the sky
Magic filled the heavens, even
Comets ceased to fly

At first the stars shone baby blue
And then a pale green
There were colours of the rainbow
And colours never seen

While people gazed upon these lights
A song rose on the air
The words were sweet, the tone was soft
And laced with love and care

Soon people's minds grew heavy and
Their vision slightly blurred
Their thoughts became fantastical
And then nobody stirred

While people walked in dreamlands and
The song waned in a haze
The mermaids disappeared and
The sun stretched its first rays

And when the people woke again
They sang about their dreams
They danced below the smiling sun
Soaked up its golden beams

And though the day continued on
Much like those of the past
The people's simple lives were bliss
And I know why at last

I answered the horizon's call
I bathed in warmth and light
I had the most fantastic dream
And now, it's almost night

But when the sun began to set
I was so close at hand
I saw it melt into the sea
And form a rainbow land

Mosaic a million jewels and gems
And they would not suffice
The sun at the horizon's edge
For it is paradise


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Yes, I'm still alive, and as you can probably tell from this poem being the first I've posted in five months, I haven't been in the mood for writing. I've got plenty of ideas, sure, but expanding them into a poem is really difficult for me these days. Today, however, I felt a bit inspired and decided to finish this poem, which I started in March and then sort of abandoned. Hope it's okay, it turned out a lot different to my original idea. I miss writing this fantasy sort of stuff so hopefully, the inspiration will stick around for a little bit longer. Finally, reviews would be greatly appreciated.