Dance through sweet mid-October

These were blue days of mood swings

Of late nights and comfortable beds

Sleet skies emanate hope for the fallen

And our laughter rang lightly

The soft bells of childhood

That rippled like love through the halls

Contagious compassion

These invisible wings

Caress away loneliness

And as we sat under tungsten

Our broken glass souls

Seemed a little more organized

With weight off our shoulders

Poignant eyes find a haven for rest

A weary heart lifted

New peace minds drift to falls of before

When little feet shuffled

In an ankle-deep ocean

Wading endless through dry, windblown leaves

Their sound

It sharp penetrates, crackles with glee

A crisp, friendly chill

Felt barely through denim

Fleece pullover days and wool blanket nights

Are the stuff of dreams

Of clouds in the purified blue

In the wind you can smell it

The coming of caramel apples

And hot apple cider

Sipped gingerly from fragile gloved hands

Rosy cheeks from the chill

Encircling fire

Blazing life, shooting sparks through the pitch

Hair and haystacks were unified

And the pumpkin seed candlelight

That rich orange fools gold

Sprinkled safety on sidewalks

That rumbled with holiday runs

And hot chocolate sanctuaries

Floated steamy gray ghosts, fading soft into warmth

Into memory

These sweet reveries drift through the halls

Sailing like scent

Of new apple pies

Going back to simplicity

And the comfort of painlessness

Is all that we need

To swing through October

In the rooms holding tranquil

Where our problems were hot chocolate phantoms

Twisting smooth, dissolving to static

And in our paradise autumn

In the rooms of our livelihood

The magic bled out of your smile

And like sparkling honey

Dripped down to linoleum

Absorbing the glory

Through its blue and white checkers

As the wind whispered rumors

Echoed oncoming autumn

Soft leaves scratched out sixth period

Against landscape-view windows

While the soft Italian lilt

Taught of this that extensions

As her chalk thump-scratch-clicked on the board

My monotone lullaby

Soothes souls in the snowfall

Silk dust rains from the ledge to her shoes

Polished taught leather clean

They reflect back the shine in your eyes

Who bleed joy to the floor

And oh, baby, your beautiful smile