Zakei's took off in a stoner's hippie van, his only bag cow's clothing, echo.

A toothbrush, a bathing suit, some underwear

a couple of twenty-dollar bills.

His black trenchcoat, filled with american and canadian pennies, controversy, stilleto heel cigars, and stamps of upside down.

Useless unless he wanted to converse in pen with MC Escher, bless his twisted, confused heart.

Started off on dirty paths watching dirty fields run by, to touch the brown in the sky

Oh, he loved his chocolate world, he liked it dark with hazelnut

Ended in city life where women with warm mouths had cold hearts and eyes like winter sky

Sang him lullabies that only tramps can sing

The words are broken, all unseeing, off tune and squeaky clean

He made his life in cheap potato chip crumbs in-the-sheets motels

Rolling over brown wool with beautiful people in ugly lives

Pale limbs and dark sweat, sweet mouths with bitter tears

And plastic lies ; the lullabies that woman sang with winter eyes

Ended in Italia, a city of hot inhales and fierce white exhales

The women watched him like cats watched mice desire in eyes like coal

The bellas of italia ; all long legs and scented smoke

And murmurs like not so beatles after all music

All empty promises and lies like lullabies the woman wore their winter eyes like revlon envy

Smelling chardonnay on 's breath

Her tongue was sour lemonade

That tongue she used to sing a lullaby, watching him

With winter eyes, as she took time

To spread her legs, and show him he was welcome

The silken garters wounded the woolen sheets of a dying mattress

Long way from home, on grimy foreign streets with crumbs between his jeans and ass

The cowboy boots coming apart

But they looked good

On twiggy boy

The only boy

That could look good, with his long legs and scented smoke and chardonnay lemonade tongue singing lullabies, in painted revlon envy

Saying goodbye

he kissed her with his winter eyes

she said they looked like sky.