It was a dark, dark night. The trees, so tall and big, were swaying with the wind. And only one sound could be heard… a crying voice.

This is the story of a young eight-year old girl named Carla. Carla lived with her mother in a small house just beside a big, big forest. Everyday Carla would play with her red ball and her mother would always remind her, "Carla, remember, do not go into the big forest. You'll get lost!"

Carla was a very adventurous girl. Ever since, she was fascinated by the big forest that had been there all her life.

One day, Carla was playing with her best friend.

"Tag you're it!"

"No! You're it! Haha!"

"I'm gonna catch you!"

They were having so much fun when suddenly Carla's best friend saw the big forest.

"Carla, what's over there?"

"That's the big, big forest. Mama says never to go near that place because we'll get lost inside."

"You're just scared of going in there! I bet if I go in, I wouldn't be scared at all, unlike you."

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that!"

Carla pulled her sleeves, with a determined look on her face, ran into the forest. Her best friend tried to call her back.

"Carla! Don't go in! I was just kidding!"

But Carla couldn't hear her. All she heard was the word "scared".

"I'm not scared! I'll go in and come out instantly! Then we'll see who's the scaredy-pants!"

So she went in. Carla was so amazed by what she saw: large trees as big as her house, vines hanging from the brown branches, and most of all, the darkness. Soon, the young girl began to feel scared. She tried to find a way back to her home, but all she saw were trees.

"Mama! Mama!" Carla cried, hot tears sliding down her soft cheeks. But no one answered her. Everything was quiet. The sun was going down and soon, nighttime came.

"Mama! I'm so sorry! I should've listened to you! I'm scared! I don't want to be here anymore! Sniff…sniff…someone save me…" Carla sobbed and sobbed.

It's been three days, two nights, and still no one has rescued Carla. She couldn't eat, sleep well, and continued crying. Carla was sitting on one of the roots of a big tree. She sobbed on her arms, but then she heard a voice.




"Who's there?!"

"Carla, don't be afraid…"

"Where are you? Please! Can you get me out of this place? I'm sorry I was a very disobedient girl! I'll never do it again!"

"Carla, don't cry anymore.. Don't be scared…You're not alone… I'm always here for you."

"Who are you?"

"Follow my voice…Listen closely and follow my voice…"

So Carla followed the voice. She kept calling for it, and it would always reply, "Carla…Carla…"

Soon, she finally saw light. She hurried, running towards it. The voice kept calling her name until she was finally out. She saw her house, her mother waiting outside.



"Mama I'm so sorry! I'll never disobey you ever again…"

"Oh Carla, I was so scared and so worried I would never see you again. David told me what happened."

"Mama, were you the one who helped me out? Were you the voice that kept calling my name?"

"No sweetheart, the voice was God. He's the one who always keeps us safe. I prayed for Him to protect you from harm and to guide you back home."

Carla hugged her mother so hard. She would never forget what she went through, the voice, and especially the forest. Before she went inside her home, she gave the forest one last look, and whispered, "God, thank you."