I was supposed to be the distant one.

In the beginning you seemed the one that cared.

I was the distant one remember,

I cheated, lied, and put up walls,

but boy, you came down on those walls,

crashed them down, seeped through,

and flew above.

Now breached, I lay here

and I cant stop thinking about how much you

suddenly mean to me.

Laying here, awaiting the overwhelming hurt

of your absence.

Awaiting the last look,

the last spoken word.

The last rip of the tender stitches

holding my heart together.

So why am I hurting Now?

Because suddenly it seems like you dont care.

I've finally fallen and suddenly

your not there to catch me.

Finally trusted, and you evade me.

Finally believed, and you lie,

Finally had hope and your smiles

just dont reach your eyes.

I was supposed to be the distant one..