- Please be advised this comtemplating series is very Sexual Intense.

It is Intented to be restricted for superior-mature-beings, Rated for for deep

despicable, suspence,thrilling and cut-thoating Erotically pleasure-Tale.

- This story Is really erotic, so expect the erotique disturbance.

-It's something that for the first time I really wanted to go there futher to the edge.


She felt so grubby all over her dripping wet body. Feeling scared, shivering all over as her palms turned bloody red. Plunging through the dangerous darkness, she then began to get so dizzy, she felt no movement in her torn rear. She then felt more shivers exploding upon her skin, as she heard the screams distance away. It was so hard for her to run through the drastic pouring rain shooting towards her weak body of the drastic dropping . She had ranned for nearly an hour trying to reach her destination from fear. Then she froze In place making this stop the end of her waddling run. She then lurked above upon the front caged door of this gruesome looking mansion. She heaved her limping body towards the door, flipping her soak and wet chocolate hair behind her as her mudding face drip to the floor. She then slapped her bloody red hand against the door bell. Someone then opened it, lurking her down then pulling her hair so rough as he plunged her body Inside the mansion. He then throws her weak body Into a room on the hard tile floor and then locks the door behind him. Then taking her face into one of his hands, forcing a dull slap against her wet face. She then begins to get teary-eyed and begins to start trembling so weaken.

He then gives her this grimy view then licks his lips as he directs his sapphired eyes toward her vigina. Then he scatter's to the floor toward her and then climbs on top of her. She try's to force her self to squirm away from him, but he's so musculur and strong that she has no strengh over him. He then rips her wet shirt off, then tearing her braw loose as her dripping wet breast are exposed upon his wandering dark blue eyes that appear so widen.

Tears begin to chase out of her eyes, swooping down her face. He then rips her skirt off and pulls down her creamy-white panties down to her ankles. She trys to scamper her legs to lock them tight together, but he spreads them further apart then digging his finger down her mouth and slides it out all dripping wet salava. Then he pushes his wet finger Into her wet and steamy pussy as he open's It with such width. He penetrates her deeper and so sultrious with every thrust feeding her more and more. She begins to murmur a low moan while she swings her rear up and down so furiously. She then explodes climax all over his wet hard finger that appears so red from the wild penetrating. He then comes from out of her, licking his lips for the last time giving her a sexy seductive look of a smile flashing on his face. He then climbs from off of her, leaving her alone at her spot. He then stands up and takes off his suit-shirt and tie, exposing him half-naked as she then starts to get wet from viewing at his hard abbs that she adores so sensual. He then pulls down his pants leaving his silk boxers wrapped around his waist ready to be scatted down. She slids up from off the floor getting even more soak and wet underneath and Inbettween. Then he gives her this curious look that she lurks back up at him so sexy. She then dashes to his knees and bites the rubber-string on the top of his boxes then biting down, pulling his boxers all the way beneath his legs. She then starts engulfing him inside while the blow is filling her mouth In. He then starts to bite his lips so roughly, but he enjoys the spinning of the luscious blow job. He then backs up while slips his erected dick from out of her hungry mouth. He then slaps her sluttish looking face then she kicks his groin which gives him a groaning pain. Then they both grab eachother and wrestle eachother so erotically, dashing eachother to his silk-pearl -egyptian-king size bed. He then hurls to her breast, swallowing one by one with a licking thrust. Then he slithers his hard dick Into her soft dripping wet pussy, as the intercourse begins to thrust in such a sensual smash In and out. He then drowns his long wet tongue deep In her wet soaking mouth while they both start tongue swapping so engaging. He then grabs her from behind forcing a tight grip, pulling her In more towards their sexual zone. She then grabs his long, curly gingery hair. Her hazel eyes closing shut close as she begins to sound off a delicious moan of ooooooo's...and ahhhhh's... . They then start rowling upon eachother In the pearl sheets so thrustling to eachother. They then end their sensual pleasure as he gets up and gets Into the shower to wash up. Ten minutes later he gets out of his marble-filling shower and gets dress In his suit attire then he puts an envelope beside the dresser of her and creeps his wet tongue upon her lips and then walks off In his leather suit and leaves the mansion and rides off In his awaiting limouzine. She then awakes from the exhausting sleep then she lurks around searching for him, but she realizes he's no where In site, so he must have left. She turns to her side and views the envelope on the creamy-white marble dresser aside her, picking It up and then opening it up it up. She then tears It open softly and views $5000.00 Inside the envelope. She then gets up from out of the bed all naked while her breast is all worned out, then she gets Inside his Jucuzzi Tub taking a bubble bath. Fifthteen minutes later, she then gets out the bath room all soak and wet leaving the tile floor all wet from her foot prints. Next, she walks to the back section of his closet and reaches down to this shoe-box and takes the top off , revealing a silver-covered gun, then grabbing It as she was wearing pitch black gloves, picking up the gun and wrapping It around this elastic-plastic bag and putting It deep Inside her ruby-red purse filled with ruby diamonds around the handle. She then gets dress, wearing her cherry-red mini-silk skirt, vivid-wine tank-top with her rosey red lepard-high-hill boots, ruby-red diamond ring and her glamourous-sparkling raspberry red sun-glasses. She then escorts herself out the mansion leaving the mansion door wide-open as she left. Then she lurked around to see If anyone was watching, then getting down to the floor of the porch and reaching her hand beneath the welcome rug, then grabbing a car key from under. She then walked towards this Flaming-red convertable. Then she rode off. One-hour later, She then arrives at this Brick looking mansion, knocks on the door then a lean, tall and built looking man appears at the door and gives her this sensual look as he lurks her whole body with a erotic expression. He hands her an envelope as she receives It and places It deep in her red purse. She then gives him a smile and walks In. He escorts her to the escalade to the right then they both enter It.

The escalade then stops and opens and they both enter the room right Infront of them. She starts to take off her clothing as The man starts to sweat above his head and then gets hard as she reveals her huge arousing breast. He then takes her from behind, pulling down his shorts and underwear. Then sliding his penis right upon her ass as she exhails a deep moan. He then penetrates her deep and steady. She grips her hands on his metal pole on the end of hid bed-board. She starts to bite her lips and swings her head round and round, spinning her chocolate hair out of control. She then begins to scream so swishingly.

Then he slids from out of her and turns her over to the front. They then look at eachother so sexy then he gets to his knees and starts to dip his hard tongue into her wet-dripping pussy and licks her In circles as she pulls on the pole so tighten. As he sucks her In, she then reaches for her purse on the bed, reaching Inside of It and pulling something out.

He then looks up at her as she takes a napkin In her hand from her purse and swipes It across his wet sweating face, then he smiles. She then brings her other hand across, as she returns a smile, then pointing the silver gun right in his face then pulling the trigger three times toward his face. Blood then explodes from out his head, spinning all over the floor, as he struggles to survive, one of his eyes then pop out of his head and his brain being revealed right Infront of her. She then continues to smile, puts on her wore-drobe then walks with her high-hill boots over him then swearving her body side to side In such a casual and sexy style like she was Incharge. She then goes to the escalade. Now she Is on the first floor, She then gets a letter from out of her purse and throws it to the floor and then snatches this gasoline can from out her purse and walks all over the mansion, pouring the gas everywhere In site then walks to the front door, stops for a moment to think, then walks to the red convertible. As she rides off, she throws a lighter In the house as the front door Is wide open. Then the mansion errupts with flaming fire exploding. She then stops at the side of the rode, calling someone on her cell-phone saying " He's dead, now It's time for her ! ". She then hangs up, gets out the car, goes to the car and opens the trunk and see's a young beautiful woman tied up crying with blood dripping down her wet mouth. She then gave the beautiful woman a smile as the woman returned one right to her then she slammed the trunk top shut and got back In the car and drove off. She then met him at a secret location, she called him out : " Timery... ". Then he appeared from behind this ware-house building and came to her with a smile as he grabbed her hair and forced a tongue thrashing kiss upon her mouth. He then asked Candice :" so he's dead, good job , so did you kill my wife ? ". Timery said. " of course sweetheart, they're both dead ".Candice said. He then shoved her to the back of the convertable having her lay down on the seats as he then took off all his clothing then removing hers, then he started thrusting his tongue all over her breast as she began to moan , he then grabbed his dick and slithered It deep Into her pussy, penetrating her up and down the seats, then cum started popping out Into her pussy getting her all wet beneath. Then he started nibbling on her nipples forming a steamy hot massage for her breast. Then that beautiful woman opened the car door and Candice continue moaning as Timery was deeply stunned of her appearance. Candice started to bust a climax all over Timery as she then sceamed with a erotically thrill. The woman then pointed a gun toward A Inner direction, as Timery yelled

" NO...". Then A shot triggered out of the gun "BANG !" Then...