I wrote this little poem, 12:25 a.m.

A Woman's Love to Her Lover

Each and everyday, passed away,

But my love for you's here to stay.

So sweet is the smell of your skin,

So soft, so smooth, your love within.

I can't stay away from you

No matter how much I've been through,

Your breath like the heavens above,

My darling, my sweetheart, my love.

The sun rises, the sun sighs,

As she descends from the golden skies.

I gaze at her glow and I smile

Knowing that I'll see you in a while.

Count the stars, the near and the far,

For I see you wherever you are.

Every day dies and is reborn,

Each moment fully adorned.

The love of the night relfects my soul,

Your presence makes it perfect and whole.

I love you, my heart sings its song,

The one warm place where you belong.

Love, let not demons take him away,

Nor will they alter my heart in any way,

For I will love him forever,

A woman's love to her lover...