Author's Note: I wrote this at the end of September, though I don't really remember actually sitting down to write it...anyway, it's inspired by the Ani Difranco song What if No One's Watching.

"I don't like to think you
Just don't believe," but
What if, Dad, no one
Is watching?

What then, what if it's
True. Would you rather be
Treated as a child, hope stuck
In your mouth, a pacifier
Dripping with lies, so you
Can sleep better at night?

Does it make you feel better
To go through the motions,
To go to church, go through
Communion, take that sip of
Wine, the tasteless wafer?

What would you do, if it all
Came out that God is no
More real than Daffy or
Bugs Bunny? That I have the
Right idea, living life well,
And loving to be loved,
Regardless if the other's
Cocked up, or not.